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Xap activex for VB??

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  • Xap activex for VB??

    in trying to gain access to homeseer data from one machine to another i have been going through lots of H E double Land getting nowhere with DCOM, active directory, domain etc.. all just so i can access homeseer data on a webserver that runs on a machine different than homeseer.. and not using a frame with a page on the homeseer webserver..

    so ive gotten the idea I could do it with XAP.. id write an App in VB that would store the data coming across the xap conduit in which I have been successful with DCOM on the same machine. so my ASP page could use an API i would put in the VB program.

    I ran across an activeX control and code example written by patrick lidstone, however the DLL bundle it requires to operate is a 404 error on his website and Ive never yet gotten a response when ive emailed him. has anyone else ever played with this or have the files to it so I can pursue it? or have a better idea for getting data from my homeseer PC to my server 2003 so I can use it in an ASP page?
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    CygWin dll

    Here is just the dll and the whole CygWin msi installer
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      James at mi4 (the author of the xAP conduit plugin) also has an xAP control. I have not used it, but he is actively developing around it.

      I have used Patrick's in the past and it is included, with his permission, with mcsMusic. While you may not want mcsMusic, you can download it and it should provide the necessary libraries, as well as the control version that I know works.

      I have since done my xAP interface directly with Winsock and no longer user xapax.ocx for new developments. I have never tried the one James developed.


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        Just out of curiosity, why do you want to "get the data to another server" so you can use it in an asp page? Why not just run an asp page on the HS server?


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          Looks like enbough stuff here to get me rocking and rolling, I had thought about going right into the TCP/IP but at a time when im busy with the RCS plugin I dont need to invent another wheel, the RCS plug has been around the block so many times with different authors it is in need of some serious re-coding to work right. but thats another thread..

          rupp: my main website runs on my server 2003 box and as a demonstration I want some homeseer data to be displayed on it. I had thought about using a frame but it would not go well with the site im designing.. so had high hopes of just being able to use DCOM to be able to create an object and get homeseer data across this way but I cant seem to get that to work and from a couple threads on here im not the only one who gets confused in the microsoft mumbo jumbo and after I was greeted wit ha couple of "Blue screens of Details" on my server 2003 I figured id gone a bit too far. since I dont have any kind of .net development system I havent delved into homeseer2 and / or ASP.NET on my profuction system yet. HS2 hasnt yet the stability I want for my production system. seems on my development box I can keep it running reliably for about 3-6 days before it needs a reboot and that bothers me considering some of my work trips can last 10 days.. seems like Xap is just the ticket for what I want and no microsoft mumbo Jumbo!
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