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Reading analogue values from Phaedrus NETIOM board

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  • Reading analogue values from Phaedrus NETIOM board

    I have successfully automated by Garage block using wifi networking and the Phaedrus NETIOM board, controlled by HS2. All works well - I can open/close the doors, control lighting and the alarm, but I have a problem reading the 4 analogue ports.

    In homeseer they appear as normal devices, and thus have a DIM/BRIGHT value of 0% to 100%. But the real value is actually 0-1023, and so I am losing a lot of resolution by only seeing them as a percentage.

    Can anyone advise how I can get to the 'real' analogue value rather than this brightness percentage? Can I use a script or something?

    I also want to pass the real value across to Mainlobby for display on a wall panel I am developing - and clues?

    Thanks guys


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    I don't know if you ever got an answer to this but you can access the analogue input value by creating a xAP variable. You can get access to the variable by using hs.GetVar("XAP_<your varname>") etc. I am not sure if things work exactly the same in HS2 but I have used this with HS1.7.