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  • xLobby Settings

    What should I use for these settings for xLobby?

    X10 Target
    X10 Secondary Target
    House Codes for Secondary Target
    Debug Mode noYesNo
    Auto Update
    Schema Check noYesNoCheck Now Last check 2/5/2006 11:52:46 AM

    I'm having some issues with xLobby when using the Homeseer Interface. xLobby memory usage continues to climb until it uses up all available machine memory and locks up the computer. I don't have anything in the settings above and I'm able toggle Homeseer devices and current ststus from Homeseer. It works fine with xLobby - except for the memory issue which makes everything useless in after about 2 hours. If I moniter xLobby I get a continuous stream of messages from Homeseer with device statuses.

    I'm trying to determine if the problem is within the xlobby plugin side or the Homeseer interface side. Any suggestions?

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    I'd be interested in this too. I want to use xlobby and HS interaction. Anyone successfully using it and in what capacity?


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      Are you guys are using the HS xAP plugin from And are you using XL's xAP plugin as your hub? If the latter is true, you really need to be running a true xAP hub like HUBGui. I had similar problems relying on XL as the hub.


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        Here is a screenshot of my XLobby interfaces main page:

        No excessive memory usage from what I can see. I agree with the Jayman about using HubGUI.
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          guys, let us know what xAp plugins you're currently running w/respect to XLobby.

          Ski, JOM and I have been through this. And SORRY! that was, not .net for the HS2 xAP client we use.

          To repeat, you want a standalone xAP hub. Do not rely on XL's plugin as it's 'brittle' and can just disappear when you're working on XL.

          Bring up a hub 1st and THEN XL's plugin will see it and behave as a client. If you use HubGui, there's absolutely nothing to do with that hub. XL will see it and there's nothing else to do there except maybe a machine name change.

          mi4's HS plugin needs just a few keystrokes and we can give you that.
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            I like that layout, which skin are you using? Can you post it for the rest of us?


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              I'm using a modified Burlwood skin.
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                I can't seem to get the xap xlobby plugin working. I downloaded both the current release of xlobby and the prelease14, and downloaded xap3. I put the files from the xap3 in the xlobby folder, it had several dll files and a plugins folder, I placed the files and the plugins folder in the xlobby folder. When I launch Xlobby and check the plugins tab, the only one that shows up is the weather plugin. Any Ideas?


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                  My folder for xlobby
                  Attached Files


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                    Which version of xlobby is that? Pre-release 14 or the new .NET2?


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                        Need some help configuring


                        As you know I have been struggling with a memory problem wiithin xLobby for a couple months trying to get xLobby and Homeseer to work together. I have received som great suggestions but still have the problem of memory expanding over time until xLobby becomes unusable.

                        Currently I am running the latest versions of xLobby and the xLobby-xAP plugin. I was running the mi4.Homesser plugin but would like to try yours. I need some help with the configuration. I am runing the hub as a service and have the viewer running as well.

                        What do I use in the setup tab within the xap-xLobby plugin in xlobby as the master variable? is it "mcs.Xap.HOMESEER" or something else?

                        What settings will I need to configure within your plugin to get started? Right now I am only trying to toggle Homeseer devices within xLobby and view their status.

                        Do I need a BSC target address mask?
                        What boxes need to be checked?

                        What values do I need to enter into the interface and passthrough setup section?

                        Sorry to be asking such simple questions, but I need some help.

                        I am not using any other xAp modules or devices - just Homesse and xLobby.



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                          The master node will be mcs.xap.??? where ??? is the name of the computer on which homeseer is running. You will see it with the xAP viewer as heartbeats are produced.

                          If you want to use HS devices A-P then check the Receive X10 and Transmit X10 boxes on Optional xAP Schema. If you want plugin or other devices then check the Receive BSC and Transmit BSC boxes. Note that XLobby needs to be configured to accept xapX10 and BSC. I think xAP Conduit only sends BSC.

                          All X10 will be exchanged automatically using the xap-x10 schema. BSC is only done on selective basis. The display options at the top of the browser setup will have show homeseer sourced and received checkboxes that should be checked.

                          The messages that have been received will then be shown and a check in the "A"ccept column will allow this message to be used as a Homeseer device.
                          The Homeseer devices to be used to transmit BSC from the plugin are identified with a check in the "A" column. After selections are made use the Save Changes button at the top.

                          Since you are not using mcsXap as an X10 interface, do not select it as X10 with HS setup and do not do anything with the Interface and Passthrough setups.

                          No checkboxes are needed on the Callback event notifications, Speech and Voice Recognition, Homeseer xAP Event Triggers and Actions.

                          Miscellaneous options do not require any, but I do use Add to HS Menu to improve access to the plugin. The HS Server should default to localhost.

                          BSC Target mask is used in conjunction with QueryBSC button. When the button is pressed then an xAPBSC query message is delived to the address(es) defined by the mask. The responding nodes should provide current status of their devices and then these will be available in the xAP message detail that is used to selectively choose messages to become HS devices.