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Basic instructions for using mi4 xAP HS plugin

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  • Basic instructions for using mi4 xAP HS plugin

    HI all,

    I recently installed the HS plugin and HubGui on my HS2 system. I have weatherDisplay on another box sending some weather bits via xAP and it populates a few devices in HS. This works fine.

    Next to be adventurous, I installed xAPlib and Asterisk pbx connector on my Asterisk linux server. I now get an xAp event whenever something changes in asterisk on the API.

    I have two questions I need help with, they are related..

    1. I still have not managed to master exactly what the events, devices do inside the HS xAP plugin and how they relate to HS events. I would like to be able to "trap" xAP messages from Asterisk and populate devices in HS (say which extension is off hook, what number/providor they are connected to, and a HS event based on a number dialed to asterisk) But I can't figure out how to do this. Weatherdisplay was easy, I selected raw mode and it listed 8 or so variables to choose from. Asterisk seems to just send events in many different formats and in raw mode it depends on the event as to what you get. You can create HS devices but they dont seem to update.

    2. I must have missed where the xAP HS plugin docs are kept. I don't understand what the first config page needs in terms of X10 settings etc is for. I would appreciate a pointer to a description or help document.



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    The Asterisk connector you are using is basically a xAP interface to the * CLI/events. What really you need is something in xAP that provides a richer / greater abstraction of Asterisk - say to the CTI or CID schema. The good news is that there is work being done by Greg Linings on such a thing The bad news is it's early days yet as it needs quite a bit of manual setup with the * environment. You can catch Greg (and some usage notes on his conduit) on the xAP Automation group