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Where to get xAP support from ?

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  • Where to get xAP support from ?

    Hi All,

    I do try and keep an eye on new threads but it's not always easy. We have xAP supported in many 3rd party applications now and discussed on many HA themed forums and that makes it hard to keep track of, or sometimes even know about these posts. This forum nicely sends me an email when someone posts a new thread. The primary place to ask general questions on xAP related issues or learn more about xAP is one of the two Yahoo Groups (one for users and one for developers).

    The forum here focusses on the xAP plugin for HomeSeer and associated issues. Often it's best to keep a whole thread within the forum where the questions arise, as it's helpful to others. So getting started with xAP and HomeSeer plus any plugin issues or later integration issues with HomeSeer are all good stuff for this forum. If you've got more general xAP related questions then Yahoo probably works best. Should you not get a speedy reply here please crosspost a link to the pending question to the Yahoo group - give us a 'heads up' and we'll endeavour to help.

    HomeSeer and others very kindly offer us a forum here to help their customers enjoy HomeSeer by pooling support resources and showing new applications for HS.