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Logging Xap

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  • Logging Xap

    Note: I post here my message because I'm not sure it was originally posted in the right place. <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->


    I would like:

    1. to write into a SQL DB all the Xap messages on my network + those sent by homeseer (which are not xap I guess)

    2. to build XML files from DB with relevant messages for user depending on pre-established rules

    3. to use my db to have a single place with all the events of my system, including homeseer, and Xlobby

    I read Michael McSharry and his applications mcsXap, XapmcsDatabase, xapWritelog and XapmscCharts.

    Michael (or anyone who know well enough those softwares), can I try to do what I would like to do with those programs? What would you advise me to use, what limitations will I find? I guess I will have to write myself the step tools where a xml file is built?

    I'm not english so I apologize if I'm not clear enough, I would be pleased to explain more some details.
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