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xAP Viewer load

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  • xAP Viewer load

    Hi Guys

    This probably does not sit in this section of the forum, but thought I'd share it...

    I run HS on a dual core AMD 4400 box, that has cool 'n quiet drivers etc to save power (I hope...)

    I left the xAP viewer (v3.2.x...) running... and wow... it kept the AMD running full speed etc... negating any power saving.

    Just thought that might be of use to someone!


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    Hi ,

    Viewer is intended as a diagnostic tool and so I wouldn't expect it be left running - although I do the same for days on end. What I think you're saying is that the 'cool and quiet' drivers wouldn't kick in and drop the machine into a low power state ? What sort of CPU load was Viewer placing on the PC ? On mine it runs around 2% - at a message rate of around 100/minute.

    The only issues I've noticed is an occasional hang / slight sensitivity to malformed messages still. As I develop with xAP these rogue message do happen ;-). If I up the message history too high it can take a lot of memory (of course). Using filters really helps here.

    I'm also interested to know which xAP hub you are using - and if it is a xFX based one does it do the same... I assume that the 'cool and quiet' mode does still support IP traffic running ?

    A post to one of the lists that Edward frequents ie the xAP Automation ones would probably be a good idea.

    Cheers Kevin

    PS Not sure where you are based - I don't recognise the location


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      Hi Kevin....

      No criticism of the product/code... just and observation

      The utilisation runs at 50-70% and for some reason it keeps the cool n quiet monitor running both cores at full speed.

      If I exit viewer, it drops back to low volys and GREEEN... and the box sits quietly.

      I have one 1-wire serial interface, into Michael's code, into xAP and into HS. There are two 1-wire hubs, 9 segements and probably now 40+ devices. Polling has been reduced, but is still busy...given the number of devices and segments.

      As you say, it does not need to be active all the time... I just saw it kept the box from running down...


      PS - what do you mean re location... cheeky bu**er


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        What's your traffic rate showing (bottom right hand corner) ? That CPU utilisation is awful . Does it creep up to that or does it always run at that ?
        Also what is you message history retention set at ? I assume you're using Viewer v3.2.2873.31231 or later . Can you let me know the current/peak memory usage too.

        Bear in mind too that all xAP apps react at once to an incoming message ie hub, Viewer, HomeSeer etc. You didn't mention what hub you are running - I'm just trying to ascertain if it's a Viewer or an xFX issue as if you use a xFX hub they are both based on the same code



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          I'm trying to get the Barionet interface going via xAP. I have the barionet BCL code uploaded. Can you help me to finf the xAP plugin ? also Does anyone have any suggestions on how it would work ?




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            I do not know if this plugin is still being supported. You can sign up for a email group for eithr userds or developers to find out for certain. You should be able to find this signup at The mcsXap plugin is supported and can be found in the mcs plugins and scripts section of this board.


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              Hi Andre,

              I'm not sure either about the code. I seem to remember that there were some issues to do with the speed of the BCL interpreter within the Barionet when used for realtime UDP communications but I know it has seen many improvements since then.

              Edward wrote the xAP BCL code - here is the link to his page..


              Drop a post to the official xAP list on Yahoo groups. I'm quite interested too - I have a Barionet from a while back that I have never really used.



              Cheers Kevin


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                The bcl loads fine into the barionet, However back to getting xAP going on Homeseer, i loaded the xAP fine, but suddenly my homeseer won't open any .asp pages. It opens .aspx pages fine. Any suggestions ?


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                  Sorry - I misunderstood you - I thought it was the Barionet xAP BCL code that you were in search of.

                  Which of the available xAP HomeSeer plugins are you using at the moment? There are four I think - I would recommend the mcs hybrid in terms of ongoing development, features and support It is also far more suitable for HomeSeer v2. The mi4 version was based around the previous v1.7. Have a look in the mcs xAP area on this forum.

                  Re the asp issue - does this return to normal if you remove the plugin ?


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                    you understood me perfectly well.

                    i want to do the whole communication chain. Barionet, Homeseer, 1-wire, Caddx. I installed MCSXAP hybrid and it works fine (hub works, and reports correctly in xapviewer). now i must get it to comms with the barionet.
                    regarding .asp - MCSXAP hybrid does not use asp and works fine. However no other asp works. it runs on localhost, all firewalls are off and no avirus on homeseer machine.
                    i must find this problem. i will install a webserver and test with homeseer off.

                    unfortunately i don't know enough about asp, and will probably stuff things up

                    thanks so far



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                      You probably have something else happeningthat will not let your .asp run as expected. mcsxap does not use .aspx and in the past it has used .asp. I would guess that you do not have the .asp file located in 5he HS html folder or it is using features not supported by HS. The HS log should give some clues.


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                        MCSxAP Barionet

                        Hi Michael,

                        thanks for your reply.

                        xAP is now running fine on the barionet and when i change something, it shows up in xFx viewer. I can also see the full details of the xAP message here.

                        In Homeseer the MCSxAP hybrid version is running. It picks up the BCS devices on the barionet ok (it also picks up devices via xAP on another pc on the network correctly). However, the devices don't create correctly in homeseer.

                        typically the relay device creates but as a status only device. The 1 wire devices create only four of the eight ticked to create.

                        please advise.




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                          They should create upon the next receipt of the same message.

                          The :x.y.z of the source address determines the input vs. output control where z=relay is for output. Can you post the source address of a device that you expect to be a relay?


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                            the xfx veiwer message gives:


                            where 01 and 02 are the relays
                            41 through 44 are digital outputs
                            81 through 88 are digital inputs
                            C1 through C4 are analogue inputs

                            another message generated by the Barionet xAP program for the 1-wire sensors #1 (for succesive sensors location increases respectively) is:

                            should the Barionet xAP program be changed to better control the relays ?

                            thanks so far


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                              The class would be treated as Raw data where no context interpretation is made to bridge xAP to HS. The same is true of xap-temp. You will only be able to put the body of the message in a HS device string and have no control capability.

                              mcsXap does interpret xapBSC per
                              If you can "teach" the barionet to use this schema then you should be able to get the point where individual points can be viewed and controlled. The same is true for the temperature reading. I have no experience with this unit so I do not know if this is possible or not.