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Xap and netiom

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  • Xap and netiom


    I have just upgraded my HA hardware and re-installed HS this time using the xap plugin.

    I have mapped my xap devices to homeseer as documented.

    My caller id stuff all works fine however I have an Netiom controlling some relays and triacs.

    It has mapped the devices into homeseer but there are no on and off controls. If I manually add a device and select the xap interface again I dont get any on and off control on the device page.

    This is probably something really simply but if anyone can give me some pointers I would be greatful so that I can regain control of my devices!


    Ian D

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    Clarify if you are using the MI4 or MCS xAP plugin.


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      Sorry this is using MCS xAP, I used to use MI4 before I upgraded but on asking in the xAP group was adviced to change.




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        The plugin determines if a device has output capability based upon the xAPBSC message section containing "output.state". If the NETIOM has a relay that you want to control then it should be reporting is in the "output.state" section of the message. You can use the xAP Message Viewer to see the actual message. If you want mcsXap to relearn the device then delete it from the plugin and query the NETIOM to send a message again.