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xAP HomeSeer Plugin Released - Beta

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    OK -Ive managed to get a large CPU utiisation issue too - when it was in this state I was getting devices constantly sending homeseer.change xAP messages (and the corresponding BSC messages) despite the fact they weren't actually changing state - each message had the same information in it with regard to new state. There were about 4 per second. Now I had thought this might be something to do with me playing with the Clipsal C-Bus BSc implementation - and although that aggrevated the situation the HS conduit continued itself. Would be interested to know what xAP tarffic people are seeing when they get large CPU usage - how many xAP messages per min (displayed in bottom left of Viewer window)- I was seeing 300 - and also you can shift click & select messages and copy/paste them into something like wordpad just as a record of what is causing the tarffic. It would be helpful. K


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      I've just come back to check it for the first time since this morning, and yet again, my HA PC is flat out at 100%, and is going to take me about 10 minutes to do gracefully exit Homeseer...

      In Watcher, I see there are *loads* of homeseer change events, again about 4 or 5 every second, many of which are for devices that definately aren't changing... - most of them seem to be for Comfort PIR's in various rooms in the house (via Patricks Comfort plugin), and those rooms are unoccupied... (both me & SWMBO are sat here in the study)...


      While I've been writing this post, the CPU has dropped back down again to a more sensible level, - but I observed it at 100% for a good 5 minutes whilst I was watching, - and I don't know how long it had been at 100% before I got there.... (methinks I'll have to run some perfmon logging...) - So the behaviour is worse than was described before whereby there would be short (10 second long) bursts of 100% every minute or two.... (I could live with that if that were consistent). I've seen this behaviour occur a couple of times now, and each time it tantalisingly either drops back down just as I'm trying to kill the process, and as soon as my back is turned, going back up again!...

      (who's responsible for the "I know when you're watching me" code then?... )

      I honestly don't think I'm going to be able to persist with this behaviour for much longer... - I'm going away at the weekend, and I don't want the uncertainty that my HA PC is flaked out by this, so I'm going to uninstall it before then... :-(

      Hope you can get to the bottom of it soon!


      Paul G.


      Whilst the CPU is "normal", I have now changed the xAP-conduit config and turned debug mode on. As a result I'm getting *loads* of messages in the HS log saying: " Incoming message Stage 1 FAIL - First line doesn't say xap-header"
      there appears to be one of thes about every 2-3 seconds.

      Also, I tried to DE-select the "HS Event" checkbox, but the setting refuses to "stick" - i.e. having deselected it & pressed "OK", if I immediately open the config dialog again, it is there selected again! - the same is true for both the other 2 options as well....

      Also, if it is useful to the diagnostic process, here's a list of all the plugins I have installed in my HS configuration:

      Ocelot plugin 1.0.33
      Quasar temp board v 1.1.0
      Comfort plugin build 15, (01 September 2003)
      Touchpad v 1.3.5
      xAP conduit 0.6.698


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        I'm convinced this is the 'device changing loop' that causes this - once it's in that state it's doomed. I have been trying a new version from James - now 3 AM that I think fixes the problems I was seeing - which are I think the same ones you see so I am hopeful - stay tuned. We have found one other issue too so that just needs a slight tweak.

        Bear in mind these are the first 'betas' so I wouldn't recommend running unattended on your main HomeControl server whilst you go away this weekend - but we'll get there ! This early public beta program is there to try and squish exactly these issues.

        The log message 'First line doesnt say xap-header' is rather misleading and should be trapped better - in fact this first line says 'xap-hbeat' - and these are the xAP Heartbeat messages - no need to worry there. The list of plugins is useful as it helps eliminate interaction problems with any one specific other plugin - the only common one I have with you is the included TouchPad - oh and xAP

        Hang on in there... K


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          Yep, indeed, I know this is "bleeding edge" stuff! - Glad to hear you reckon you've got a handle on it though, - I'm looking forward to this being a prime-time product.

          Just for info, this evening when I've come home from work, it is in the 100% state again...

          As an aside, - is the conduit written as a threaded app? - i.e. would it benefit from running on a dual-CPU box? (apart from the obvious benefit of the fact that the OS is multi-threaded and so would be spread out over the CPU's)....


          Paul G.


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            If you fancied trying it I can lend you a dual CPU m/b, James. I just took one out of my old Server when I upgraded it at the w/e. It's heading for eBay in a few weeks time when I'm convinced I'm done with it.

            However I don't think your development environment allows for native multi-threading does it?


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              I was only asking because I'm considering doing an upgrade to my main W2K/Exchange 2K server in the near future, and it is currently running 2 x PIII 866's on a Gigabyte mobo. I want to upgrade that to Windows 2003/Exchange 2003, and I'd like to uprate the hardware at the same time.

              The HA server is currently an Athlon 1400+ running Windows 2000 server. - I didn't go for Win 2003 on there due to some hardware that only has 2000 drivers.. (I think it was the 8-port serial card).

              It just seemed a shame to "waste" the dual-pro mobo, since it has actually been *very* stable & reliable...

              Paul G.


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                Well, I just revisited this, and have installed the new update version 0.7.845 and I'm happy to report that this build seems to have totally sorted out the CPU issues... I now peak occasionally at around 20%, running most of the time at a steady 3-7%.

                Only been running for a few hours so far, but thus far everything looks A-OK...


                Paul G.


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                  I saw that HomePod was listed in the first comment. How will this exactly work with HomePod? Will I be able to see my future Homepod devices in homeseer and be able to control home pod volume, next, track, display what is playing within HSTOUCH, etc.. Looking for something similar to the sonos plugin but for HomePod


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                    I assume you mean the Apple HomePod ?

                    Sorry but that first post in 2004 refers to a different product that was called HomePod ..... it is no longer manufactured.



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                      haha this made my day