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Question about xAP Homeseer plugin manual

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  • Question about xAP Homeseer plugin manual

    In the manual it says:

    Forth step - X10
    If you would like to use a xAP X10 adapter, then you will need to configure a couple of things. Firstly go back to the HomeSeer Options window and the Interfaces panel. In the X10 interface section pick xAP Conduit from the list. Now click on the Options button.
    <<here the picture as in the attachement>>

    Maybe a dumb question, but which one is the "xAP Target box"? Is that the "x10 Target" box or am I missing something. Also: what can be the name of the X10 interface??

    Hopefully someone can clearify a bit, because I am hopelessly lost here.


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    This is if you want to use a xAP X10 adapter as the HomeSeer X10 interface. Is this really what you want to do?

    If yes, then you need to select the xAP Conduit as the HomeSeer X10 interface in the Homeseer View/Options/Interfaces tab, X10 Interface drop down.

    I really don't know, but I would assume that the "X10 target" value is the xAP "address" of the xAP X10 interface that you want to use, which I think should show in the list box to the right.

    Also a comment on your IR question. I think that James plans to add native HomeSeer IR support, but it itsn't there yet. Also this is a brand new plug-in and calling it beta is being generous, although the last beta was well tested, and so far isn't causing me any problems, there is still a lot of work to be done, and from what I hear James is hard at work on it. There is a new beta due out any day now.



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      Well, I am starting to slowly understand a bit more of xAP, and I must say it is definitely a good addition to home automation with unlimited possibilities.

      I guess I best wait for the newest beta and then try to assist James in his work by using this new beta and publishing my findings. Give James my thumb up from me, please.



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        Sorry, the guide had a typo it should read "X10 Target" and not xAP Target.
        Basically every xAP device on a network has a unique name and the X10 controller is no exception. The name entered in the X10 Target box is where the xAP Conduit sends X10 message to, like an to: address in an email. The name is usually included in the download of whichever X10 connector you used. There is a tool called Viewer from which makes it very easy to see what is going on on a xAP network, it would also make finding the xAP name of the X10 connector easy.

        The first couple of betas had a bit of a bumpy ride with a cpu issue on bigger HS installs, which is now fixed. The last couple of betas also included native IR support. As HomeSeer plugins go the xAP plugin is a bit unusual, it's more of a universal translator with everthing it deals with is completely virtual. This all leads to some rather complex internals whihc are now mroe and more stable and bug free ;-)

        The new beta will be out in a couple of days featuring even more extras, fixes and some changes that will lead to some rather useful possiblities. While this forum is absolutely the best place for xAP/HomeSeer discussions, the xAP project has a mailinglist, xap_automation on yahoo groups which among other things has a searchable archive of xAP questions which can be very useful.