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Displying Text On SliMP3

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  • Displying Text On SliMP3

    Hi- I am a new HS user still in the trial period. I wanted to try what I thought was a simple test to display some text from the xAP plugin on a SliMP3 music player. I loaded the xAP plugin OK and am also running the xAP viewer and SliMP3 connector from In homeseer I set up a test xAP event sequuence and successfully sent the following message which showed up in the connector display screen:

    line2=This is a test

    I don't get anything on my SliMP3 display and I'm hoping somebody who has already done this can tell me what I am doing wrong.

    I am also not clear on what I am supposed to do with regards to schema. The schema document for the xAP plugin does not include any SliMP3 stuff... do I need to add that somehow?

    Mike Maliga

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    I'm guessing from the target line that you have named your SliMP3 "office"? If so, you need to lightly tweak the target line to output specifically and only on that Slim.

    Also the first part of the target address is "KCSoft" rather than "Ksoft" as you typed. Case sensitivity is not an issue, but I like to use it for presentation. Either try this line below, or even better, remove it entirely for the moment.


    Notice the : separator just before "office". This is the hardware subaddress component of the address. So you're targetting the Slim Connector running on your machine "burner" I guess, and of its known Slims, you want to address "Office".

    If you removed the "ffice" bit you'd address ALL Slims.

    Not at all familiar with HS or the xAP Plugin I'm afraid so can't answer much beyond that at this stage, sorry!


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      Thanks Stuart!

      I fixed "KCSoft" and removed "office" in the target line but this produced a "target string cannot be empty" error. I deleted the target string completely and it worked!

      You are correct that "office" is the name of the SliMP3 player and "burner" is the computer I am running the connector on. So if I want to send just to SliMP3 "office" I need to use a colon as a seperator? So the target line would be-


      or did I misunderstand your example?


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I fixed "KCSoft" and removed "office" in the target line but this produced a "target string cannot be empty" error. I deleted the target string completely and it worked! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

        You go that error? That's interesting, I'll have to check that - I'm quite surprised by that. I would have expected it to work fine. Was it like this?


        Or were there any other characters in there? In theory that should specifically target one particular instance of the SlimServer Connector, which, because there are no specific target address included, would send the message to ALL Slims it is configured to contact.

        I see we're getting emoticons in places so I'll insert a few spaces around the text to be clearer this time I hope!

        target=KCSoft.SliMP3.burner : office

        No spaces around the : character are required, just to be precise!! That should specifically and only address the "office" player. I have my test & development Slim named the same.

        So you're spot on! Just those emoticons getting in the way of our examples.


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          Sounds like you've got it.


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            is what I had when I got the error.

            The example for addressing a specific player worked perfectly!

            Thanks Again,



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              Hoorah, I have got my SliMP3 back again so I can fix this problemette now. Well, I could have moved my Squeezeybox from the bedroom into the office, but I didn't!

              More soon...