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Manually create HS devices

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  • Manually create HS devices

    Is there any way to manually create some xAP devices in HS?

    I have SlimServer and HS both on the same PC. Then I connected to SlimServer from my laptop with iTunes and played around with the controls to get everything detected automatically. Two devices were created and are updating as expected. But if I look in the xAP Message Viewer, I can see some messages to and from the SlimServer that don't have devices associated to them in HS. Is there an easy way to create them manually?

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    Can't answer from the HS side I'm afraid, but when you say "Two devices were created and are updating as expected", do you mean in HS? If so, do you mean the SlimServerConnector and your laptop running iTunes? I've never connected anything to the SlimServer in this way so I'm not familiar with how that works either!!

    After this I'd be interested to know more about the messages you're seeing in Viewer.


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      Yes the two devices I was referring to are in HS, they are both for the laptop. If memory serves correctly one of for a track change event and the other is for a playing status. I'm not at home at the moment though.

      I know in the message viewer at one point there was a xAP message that reported the full status of the client (my laptop), but I can't seem to get that one to show up in HS. Although, since clearing out the display in the message viewer I haven't seen it show back up again. It's possible I get that message to show up by actually generating a xAP message for a status request with one of the command line xAP utilities though.

      I would really like to be able to have a HS device that reports on the full status of the client. For example: song name, track number, player status (start, stop, pause), etc. Indidivdual devices for each one would work as well. If I can get those, I should be able to fairly easily generate a "Now Playing" screen to use with the HS webserver. Or any number of other things really.


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        I am also seeing very random device detection of SiMP3 activity by the xaP plugin. Out of a dozen events in the viewer, HS will pick two and add them as devices. I'm still wondering if this is a schema issue? Does schema.txt in the HS Plugin need to be updated to handle SliMP3 devices?


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          Updating the xAP SlimServerCnnector is very much on the ToDo list (but I have to 'fess up that I'm not getting much done in the warm summery months - this happens every year when I'd rather be outside!). More detailed event reporting and bringing the older schema that the SlimServerConnector currently uses up-to-date is something I need to do.

          I'm struggling a bit to understand what you guys mean by devices when you're talking about Slim events in the xAP Message Viewer (or in the Connector itself). Why do events appear as devices?

          Sorry about the lack of understanding - I'm not quite sure what I need to enhance at this stage.


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            By devices, I mean devices in HomeSeer that the xAP Conduit created when a xAP message for the SlimServer was broadcast.

            For example, I have a device in HomeSeer with the name of "renegade01 powerbook kcsoft.slimp3.renegade01owerbook xAP-Audio.Playlist.Event Playlist.Track command". Without the quotes and smiley face obviously. It gets updated like I would expect when xAP message come thru that changes a track. I would very much like to have a device, or a bunch of them, that would display the complete and current state of any given player.

            Also, I was doing some additional testing tonight and seem to have run into a problem. Any xAP message that comes back with more than one value seems to be getting overwritten in HomeSeer. For example, if I send out a xAP message of Audio.Query that requests mutlitple items back. The only one that seems to show up in HomeSeer is the last one. They may very well all be making it back, but overwriting the values makes it less useful than it could be.


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              Sorry - haven't been watching this thread...

              What is happening here is that the incoming xAP message has previously triggered the 'wizard' that allows you to add devices to HomeSeer but you added just the two devices you mentioned. Thereafter new xAP messages from that source are ignored and dont trigger the wizard. Here's what to do.. Go to xAP Conduit > Config and you will see on the RHS a list of devices that HS already knows about - find the Slim Player you want and tick the box next to it and then click 'Re-Detect' - now when the next message comes in from that device it will once again trigger the wizard for you and you can select the parameters you want to create HS devices for.

              NB: The wizard will trigger on the first xAP message received from that device - however it may be that the wrong 'class' of message eg a 'xAP-Audio.query' or 'SliMP3.event' class rather than say a "xAP-Audio.Playlist.event" which is what you would want to add the track titles arrives first. You can get around this by either arranging the next message is of the type you want (eg by letting the Slim player naturally move to the next track rather than using the remote) or perhaps more easily by running xAP Viewer - now make sure that in Viewers window there is an example of the particular class of message you want to create a device for, double click the message line to open it and note the right hand icon which will resend this message (you will click this later). Now re-detect the device in HS as above and then click that 'Resend' icon. Now the wizard will launch based on the exact message you just resent and all will be well....