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Can not install xAp Homeseer plugin

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  • Can not install xAp Homeseer plugin

    Unfortunately, I ran into problems. I purchased the RedRat and now want to use xAp to connect it to homeseer.

    So, I downloaded the HomeSeer xAp-plugin. According to the installation guide this should be an msi-file which starts a installation wizzard. However, I get a with the hspi_xAp.ocx in it.

    When I place this ocx in the HomeSeer directory, and than start Homeseer, the first five lines in the HomeSeer log are:
    17-07-2004 12:58:11~!~Error~!~Cannot access plug-in: hspi_xAP.ocx->Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
    17-07-2004 12:58:11~!~Error~!~Cannot access plug-in: hspi_xAP.ocx->Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
    17-07-2004 12:58:12~!~Error~!~Cannot access plug-in: hspi_xAP.ocx->Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
    17-07-2004 12:58:12~!~startup~!~Done Loading Settings
    17-07-2004 12:58:12~!~Info~!~HomeSeer version is: 1.6.0

    So, what am I doing wrong. What is this mswinsck.ocx doing and where can I get it?

    All help is much appreciated!


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    I thought it was an msi a couple of weeks ago. Maybe James has made a mistake.
    The ocx should work, but you got to register it first.

    Open a command prompt with homeseer stopped, I'm fairly certain this is the command

    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Homeseer\hspi_xap.ocx"

    (or whatever location homeseer is at)

    That should register the ocx. Start hs and add the xAP plugin in options/interfaces. Restart hs and it should be running.

    If it doesn't work, James or Kevin will correct me later :-)


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      You need mswinsck.ocx installed and registered. It does not come with Windows by default. It used to be part of the HomeSeer install, so if you have had HomeSeer for a while you should have it. I don't think it is included any more though.



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        Well, thanks. I just downloaded the mswinsch.ocx from the internet and registered it. I also registered the hspi_xap.ocx.

        So, some things seem to work. I can't say I really understand the manuals (could it be they are written by someone who already understands the system? -no pun intended-).

        Any, I would like to send IR-signal from Homeseer, using the RedRat. I have started the RedRat signal database utility and learned a few signal. I also created two discrete signals using Pronto hex codes. When I use a remote control to send any of the learned codes, the signal database utility shows the signal in its Decode Windows.

        Next, I downloaded the xAP RedRat Connector (xFx Hub). Currently I am using the version with the user interface. In the properties, I set the Device Database to the database created with the RedRat signal utility. When I use one of the remote controls, the xAP RedRat Connector recognises the signal.

        ++ Funny thing: I have to stop the Signal Database Utility, otherwise the xAP RedRat connector will say another program already has ownership of the RedRat. If I start the Signal Database Utility after the xAP RedRat Connector, the connector will no longer recognise any IR-signal.

        OK. Now for the HomeSeer part. Somehow, I am not sure when or why (I know I pressed the on/off button on the DVD-remote), I got a xAP screen with the message two new devices where found. I checked them and two devices were created: one "DVD-player" and another "On/Off toggle".

        ++ Question: what can I do with these two devices? Seen to me they have no use at all.

        I never got this screen again. Not even when I started sending other known IR-signal to the RedRat.

        In the HomeSeer log, I can see that HomeSeer only reacts to IR-signals which are known (learned or entered using the RedRat Signal Database Utility). Unknown IR-signal are simply ignored by Homeseer.

        ++ For every known IR-signal, the HomeSeer log shows "xAP Conduit xAP event error Path not found". Anyone any idea how to solve this error? Can I make Homeseer react to such recieved signals?

        ++ Last question: how can I make HomeSeer sending out IR-signals using the RedRat? I do not mind programming scripts.

        Thanks in advance,



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          I found the way to send a signal from script.

          Used this line in the homeseer event:
          &hs.plugin("xAP Conduit").sendxapmessage "IR.Transmit","IR.Signal" & chr(10) & "{" & chr(10) & "Device=Television" & chr(10) & "Signal=On/Off toggle" & chr(10) & "}" & chr(10).

          Thanks anyway. Hopefully someone has answers to the other questions.


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            You can send a signal from the conduit rather than a script if you want.

            If you follow the guide here and create a xAP event, (not IR event) and sequence, one of the options in the drop down list is "RedRat - send IR". This should enable you to send a xAP message to the RedRat connector which will trigger the RedRat.

            If you then create a homeseer event, in the event properties window, there is now a tab called "xAP". This allows you to asign xAP events to run with homeseer events.

            It's quite straight forward when you've done a couple.



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              Firstly, I switched over to zip from to make the download smaller, isolate some problems there were croping up ocasionally from it (solved now) and to make upgrades easier. Looks like I'll be switching back the msi!

              Unknown ir signals are ignored by homeseer as the red rat connector only sends information on known codes. If you were using the IR from a slimp3 you could use raw IR. I am working on a IR howto guide but the basic idea is this: (assumes a xAP enabled red rat or slimp3/squeezebox is running)

              In homeseer select xAP Conduit in the IR interface.
              Press a button on any remote toward the ir device.
              The wizard will popup saying "New device", select ignore as you don't want any homeseer devices created.
              From now on every button pushed on any remote will generate a new blank IR event. You can see these either in the "IR Event" menu option under "xAP Conduit" or as files in the \xAP\IR folder within HomeSeer. (this will change in later betas to \Data\xAP\IR).
              In the IR event panel you can now add events to each button - See the event guide on for a howto.
              You don't need to use ir events at all. You can assign IR in the normal HomeSeer way too. In the HomeSeer IR Config click learn (L) on any button and you can link the remote button to a HomeSeer one. In fact its basically as simple as click L, press the remote button and select "Use this IR Signal". Pressing the test button will cause the IR signal to be resent from the red rat. You can now use standard HomeSeer events and IR commands.

              As for the file not found errors, could you check a couple of files. In the HomeSeer\xAP directory you should have a schema.txt, event.txt and action.txt and each of these should have data in them. The other files to look for are in HomeSeer\xAP\IR and there should be a file for each button.



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                Finally got round to this.

                It seems I am missing two button files (*.irevt). What is the easiest way to get new files? Should I simply copy another file and modify it or is there a better way?

                The name of the button is 'On/Off toggle'. The '/' will probably a problem. Will the '/' automatically replaces by a space??




                • #9

                  Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, it's been a busy month. I have found the bug that was stopping ir buttons with a / in the name. This is fixed in the next beta that will be out real soon.