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xAP and HS, Slimserver?

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  • xAP and HS, Slimserver?

    Ok I need some help,

    This is very cool I cant wait for more xAP stuff.

    I have slimserver running with the xAP GUI, I get xap messages in the gui when I access the player. I have the plugin installed in HS.
    I am not sure what to do next? After HS starts The xAP wizard pops up and says new hardware found- Device kcsoft.slimp3.slimserver: is unknown. I click Update schema database nothing happens. I read everything I can find but ISDN what to do next. Can anyone point me in the right direction ?


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    mcsMusic has the xap interface to the slimp3 using the slimp3 connector written by Stuart at

    I do not know what James' xap plugin does with the set of schema supported by the slimp3 connector. In mcsMusic the primary purpose to maintain the Now Playing browser display and update virtual devices of playlist and player status.


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      Thanks Michael,

      Maybe thats where I got confused, I think the schema.txt for the plugin does not have anything defined for slim, if I am correct it should but I am not comfortable editing that.
      I was hoping to use xap to integrate the slim, I see you have already done that but on a much grander scale than I had planned ( my hats off to you again ).I scanned the mcsmusic doc. WOW! yet another great pluggin !!! I will check it out this weekend.

      Thanks again.



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        I have added the slimp3 schema to the database that the plugin uses. If you go to xAP-Conduit > Config and click Options, now click "Get latest Schema File". While here select your slimp3 devices on the right and click re-detect. The next time the slimp3 sends a message the HS wizard will popup and you can add album,genre,track,title,transport... devices. Hope this helps



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          Just wanted to say thanks for adding the slim devices. Everything showed up and works great. The devices in HS actually change faster than the track I'm listening to.


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            yes, thanks that will help big time.