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    I have installed a XAP hub, the Homeseer plug-in and XAPtv. This seems to be working but I have a couple of questions.

    Is there a limit on how many devices get created in Homeseer. When the wizard runs that asks if you want devices to be created in Homeseer I click on 'create devices' and the devices start to be created in Homeseer. But now it seems to have stopped creating devices even though I know there are more channels/devices still to be cereated. It seems that unless I delete some of the devices it won't create any new ones. Is this a limitation or is it just me?

    Also when the program start and end variables are created the information is in the format 20040920203000. Is there any easy way to strip out just the hours and minutes portion. I am assuming script and more virtual devices. If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated as I am not a programmer and my scripting skills are very limited.

    Thanks for any help or adive you can give.


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    I think your issue may be because the xAP TV connector has alraedy been detected and hence when new station detail appears it is not triggering the wizard as it did before. To reset the wizard for a xAP device go to config and select the devices you wish to re-detect. TIP: If you have many messages that may trigger the wizard and you want to ensure it is the right one that is sent next then capture a suitable message in xAP Viewer - re-detect the xAP device and then re-send the message from Viewer. Thsi will ensure that the wizard triggers on the correct type of message you wish to create a HS device for - eg the right station.

    It is unlikely you have hit a device limit in HS - there was a problem in the xAP plugin that caused device creation to be inefficient above 100 devices but this was fixed a long time ago.