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WEBControl unable to control relay ports

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  • WEBControl unable to control relay ports

    Hello Michael,
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    I am a bit stuck with this and hoping you could help me out. I am rebuilding my Homeseer install and started with the xAP first. I want the aXP working first before I layer all other pieces.
    Loaded the latest software XAP HUB, Web Control, etc. Everything seems to be working but I cannot turn on or off the Relay outputs from Homeseer. I can do if from the xAP WEB Control but not from Homeseer. Another interesting thing is that the Homeseer status will update automatically if I switch it from the xAP WEB Control software. I am not sure what else to check, what am I missing?
    Thanks in advance <o></o>

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    Got it figured out!