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Ocelot plugin for .NET

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    Ocelot plugin for .NET

    The Ocelot plugin has been ported to .NET and is available as a beta in the Updater. This plugin has the same functionality as the old plugin. Users will probably not notice much difference in normal opertation. Is will use your existing configuration and devices, nothing will be lost.

    * Major difference is that configuration is now done with a web page, rather than a windows form.

    Note that with this release, the "cpuxa" object is no longer supported (since this object was provided by the hs_compatibility exe). If you have any scripts that use this object, use the following code to create the required object.

    For VBScripts:

    Dim cpuxa
    Set cpuxa = hs.Plugin("Applied Digital Ocelot")

    For scripts:

    Dim cpuxa As Object = hs.Plugin("Applied Digital Ocelot")
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