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IR help with ADI Ocelot

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  • IR help with ADI Ocelot

    I managed to get an Ocelot and SECU16-IR hooked up and working properly with Homeseer. I'm excited about the IR control capabilities.

    However, I'm having trouble with the following. I have an amplifier from Yamaha, and though I lost the remote control, I was able to find the hex IR codes on What I can't figure out is how to translate these hex IR codes into something that makes sense to the Ocelot and then actually get those codes into the Ocelot so that the Ocelot can output them through my SECU-16IR. I have no trouble doing all of the above for a code that is learned by the Ocelot (in the case of my other A/V components for which I still have the remote control), but I can't figure out how to do it when I'm starting with a hex IR code from rather than with the learned code direct from a remote.

    Does anyone know how to help?


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    Forget about Homeseer for this phase. Deselect the ocelot plugin or shutdown Homeseer. Use the IRMAX utility that is available from ADI to import the codes into the Ocelot. Go back to Homeseer and manually name the locations that your programmed with IRMAX. I did this so long ago and it was with HS1 that I cannot be any more specific.