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Basic question about data flow HS<->Leopard

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    Basic question about data flow HS<->Leopard

    I have been using HS as a passive observer of the variables and I/O on my Leopard/APP DIG network for some time, and it works fine.

    Now I'd like to start to have HS send variable info back to the Leopard so that HS can change setpoints or logicals in the Leopard. I seem to have developed a block about how to do this.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.


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    There are 128 variables that are communicated every 2 seconds or so. Each variable is mapped into a HS device. I believe it is the DeviceValue that is used. hs.SetDeviceValue "[50", 20 would set the leopard variable 49 if your first house code for variables is [. ADIOcelot plugin lets you manage selected variables while the HST Ocelot plugin gives you entire 128. Beyond this is will require CMAX code to bridge between the variables and the intended functions such as setupoint control. SECU points and IR locations can be directly controlled without use of variables.