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HS v2.2.0.11 & Ocelot IR Setup

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  • HS v2.2.0.11 & Ocelot IR Setup

    I am trying to get IR working with the HS Applied Digital Ocelot Plug-In.

    When I go to Learn in the HS IR Signals page I get a pop-up saying to press ok to learn the command. I then click ok and send the command from the remote to the Ocelot. The red IR light stays on for as long as I press the button on the remote. After about 2 seconds I release the button. HS never conferms receipt of the command yet the command can be sent using the send button in HS. The Button next to the device name continues to be dimmed and says no code is learned at this location.

    Can someone offer any help with this problem?

    Also, I don't know if it matters or not but the Config buttons for the Ocelot on the Interfaces page in HS disappear after the first use.

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    Are you using the Ocelot plugin or the ADIOcelot plugin? This is the Ocelot plugin forum.