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Ocelot fine but other devices not all there

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  • Ocelot fine but other devices not all there

    I loaded the beta Applied Digital plugin. I do see the Ocelot variables and they are working, but my SECU16 and SECU16i devices do not update. The interface setup screen sees them. I already had these devices from my prior install of 1.7 that was converted over. How do I get the HS2 to see these two devices, the SECU16 and the SECU16i? Since I already have the devices recognized should it work or do you have to do something like re-create?

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    OK, have played around with this a little more and discovered I can control the relays output but cannot see any inputs.

    I guess it's not polling the inputs. The devices are at least recognized.

    Any ideas why polling doesn't work or anybody with a similar problem?


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      Spoke with Rich Helmke today.
      He assisted by indicating that on an upgrade from HS1.7 where you already have Ocelot/SECU16/SECU16i/etc won't be properly set unless you either delete and create your devices or you find the mappings settings in the old ini file and copy it into the new settings.ini file of HS2. Mine was "mappings=1!11!],3!12!^,". I copied this over while HS was down and restarted. My devices started to recognize status changes. Appears to be all corrected.
      Note: You will see the SECU/SECU16i/Bobcats/etc in the devices list BUT that only means that they are recognized by the Ocelot and therefore the plugin. They are NOT mapped necessarily.