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Ocelot and Dish Networks 311 Receiver Problem

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    Ocelot and Dish Networks 311 Receiver Problem

    I posted this on the Appdig forum, so if you frequent both, I apologize for the double post.

    I've got a problem I'm hoping to get help with.

    I've recently setup my Ocelot through a Xantech connecting block, and I'm using it to control my Samsung TV, Scientific Atlanta Cable box, and Kenwood Receiver.

    However, I can't seem to control my Dish Networks 311 receiver. I can learn from the remote, but no response from the receiver when I transmit the command.

    The equipment is in a cabinet with the Xantech equipment and emitters, so the remote isn't directly hitting the receiver when I use the remote and it works fine with the remote and with my universal remote.

    I've also tried generating an LIR file from GenIRDB, and don't get any response from the box with this either.

    I'm looking for new ideas. I'm comfortable the IR system is working, because the 2 remotes work to control the box. I'm confident the Ocelot learns and transmits OK, because it controls all the other components except the sat receiver. I know both 38K and 56K frequencies work, because the TV is 38 and the SA cable box is 56.

    Anyone have any ideas? I can post some saved commands if that would help.

    I am able to coontrol my dish receiver with the ocelot.. I have two receivers so two different IR sets. I did learn the IR from the remotes. A suggestion that others hve made for learning is use a thin tissue in front of the I r learnig window so the receiver is not oversaturated


      Thanks Michael.

      I'm actually learning my commands from an IR receiver in another room, which connects to the Xantech connecting block, then to the Ocelot through cat 5 cable. This setup has worked fine for my other IR devices with the exception of the dish receiver.

      This is the same IR receiver that sends the remote's IR to the dish receiver, as the equipment is in a closed cabinet.

      What type of dish receiver do you have? Is one of them on device code 1?


        Issue resolved.

        Always search for the simple solution first.

        After reading about weak ocelot IR output I tried repositioning the IR emitter on the dish receiver (there are 3 IR leds?) and sure enough, now everything is working.