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  • ocelot and homelink

    I am trying to accomplish several things at once, and am seeking some advice.

    I want to utilize the homelink buttons in my car's visor to trigger homeseer events.

    I have searched for homelink forums, and it seems like this is not hard to do, but I will need some sort of x10 interface in order to train the homelink buttons in the car. I am looking to do this as cheaply as possible, as from everything I have heard about the reliability of x10, I am not going to do anything else with x10. I am quite happy with the zwave interface I already have.

    Does anyone have any advice on what hardware to get in order to program my homelink buttons and also interface with homeseer?

    I also want an IR interface for homeseer. I have a nevo remote control that has an rf baseunit that I can put next to my homeseer computer. This unit can send IR commands to homeseer if I have an interface.

    It seems that the ADI ocelot can perform both of these tasks and more.

    Does anyone know if this would work?
    -Can I use the ocelot's x10 transmitter without an external interface (TW-523)if I don't intend to use powerline communication?
    -Is ocelot capable of training my homelink buttons in my car?
    -Is the ocelot plug-in for HS fairly robust?
    -are there any difficulties I might run into using ocelot as an ir interface?

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    The homelinc I used for this purpose in an Acura transmits simple x10 RF that can be heard by a W800, MR26A and the standard x10 Rf to powerline mdule. For you to be able to train your homeinc you neen something like CM17A firecracker or a button that has the RF code you are trying to learn. The oceot has no involvement here. If you do get it trained then you ned a receiver on the PC. This can be a RF to powerline odule, TW523, ocelot. It could be a w800 or rfxcom or mr26a. The ocelit IR works fine, but so do other ir interfaces such as uirt.