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Confirm Ocelot setup with HS

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    Confirm Ocelot setup with HS

    I wanted to check to make sure I have this straight. I have the HS2 and HSTouch software and plan on connecting an Ocelot to this. I plan on using the HS to control lighting and temperature and the Ocelot for IR and outputs for the sprinkler with the Touch Screen being the primary interface. Here is what I want to make sure I have correct.

    1. I connect my X-10 interface to a comm port on my HS computer
    2. I connect the Ocelot via a comm port on my HS computer
    3. I will learn in my IP codes into the Ocelot and then activate a script from the HSTouch software to have HS tell the Ocelot to send the signals.
    4. I will setup a schedule in the HS software to control the Ocelot outputs via a script.
    5. There should be no need to utilize the Ocelot X-10 interface.

    Would anyone have examples on the scripting I need to setup to activate the IR codes and outputs on the Ocelot?


    Your plan is sound. You really do not need scripts as your can setup events to send the desired IR codes or contact closures.
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