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HS2 devices do not update from Ocelot sent commands

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  • rc_sportpilot
    Update: the ADIOcelot v1.14.0.3 plug-in from Michael McSharry/GenevaDude will update Homeseer when CMAX x10 commands are sent if the "Process X10 Transmit from Ocelot" is checked under the General /Variables tab.

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  • HS2 devices do not update from Ocelot sent commands

    I have some subtantial internal (CMAX) programming on my Ocelot that I want to continue to use, but HS2 is not updating the devices as my programming executes. I upgraded Homeseer to HS2 in the Spring. Under v1.7.44, Homeseer updated device status and variables fine, but HS2 seems to only update variables as they are changed?? I'm using the default Ocelot plug-in that came with HS2, but I see that there is a separate plug-in available. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? I'm about to open a ticket for this one.