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Control 2 Ocelots with Homeseer.

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    Originally posted by Czechmarty View Post
    Just out of curiosity - What is the reason for 2 Ocelots?
    I have some stuff that I control / sense in our livingroom such as fireplace, temp sensors, fans for the equipment cabinet, IR for audio/video equipment.

    On the other side of the house, upstairs, I would like to control more IR and some relays but It is not worth the wiring nightmare. Using a wireless serial to IP server I could connect the 2nd Ocelot and do what I need.

    Running HS 3 on Win10 .


      Tomorrow I will give it try with my HS install.


        I believe you are having problems because of registry entries. I suspect hs_compatibility has some memory of what it previously loaded. For my test I compiled both plugins again without any compatibilty to the prior versions. I loaded the first, when into its setup and changed the Interface property to ADIOcelot. I restarted HS, but likely did not need to. I then did the same thing with ADIOcelot2 so now the interface properties are ADIOcelot and ADIOcelot2. I went to ADIOcelot and created an additional variable on each of its existing house codes. I then used InterfaceManager (from sticky on ADIOcelot forum) to edit the two new variables to belong to ADIOcelot2 and changed their device codes to an unused sequential pair. I used Windows\Accessories\System Tools\Character Map to find a sequential pair. I exited HS. I then edited settings.ini and changed the base_var=XX for hspi_ocelot2 to be the integer value corresponding to the new house code. I restarted HS and went to ADIOcelot2 setup and added some additional variables. From this point forward they should remember their house codes. I'm attaching the two that I worked with.
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          I believe I have both working, both load and I do no see any errors.

          My 1st ocelot appears to be working normally. The second unit I will run the wire and connect this weekend.

          I went through the registry and manually deleted any ref to ocelot, after backing up of course.
          Then I restarted the pc and followed your directions, the house code thing confused me for a few minutes then I figured it out.

          Thanks for the plugin changes and all the help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Thanks StevenE
          Why oh why didn't I just leave things alone, they had been working.