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Ocelot Variable Help

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    Ocelot Variable Help

    Gents please help, the more I read the more confused I get.

    First My system:
    Vista 64
    Applied Digital Ocelot 22.2433.35446
    Com Port Via USB.

    HS Boots without errors.
    CMAX works without fault.
    X10 Coms from HS to Ocelot works reliably.
    Note: unable to use ADIOcelot due to some coms problem.

    Reading and writing variables is the issue.

    I simply want to know how to read and write a Variable from 0 to 1, nothing fancy.

    First off, after installation and creating the variables I have to Create the Device. What device do I create ? Applied Digital Ocelot ? Interface Variable? or something else??

    I have created both the above and set the 2 status flags.

    Once this is done will HS poll the ocelot and show variable updates in the devices view? I have a program running in the ocelot to change Var 6 from 0 to 1 and back to 1 every 20 seconds for a test (verified working under Cmax) nothing is updated in HS or in the ocelot log.

    Does HS normally write to the ocelot by changing the device value in HS and it automatically gets sent to the ocelot, or is additional script required.

    I tried a small script
    sub main()
    end sub

    This generated a error as HS does not know what cpuxa is.

    I am new to this so need some step by step detailed help

    Any assistance appreciated.