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SECU-16 relays wont budge under Homeseer

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  • SECU-16 relays wont budge under Homeseer

    I love typing things twice...

    I have an Ocelot and SECU-16. Inputs work fine, relays do not under homeseer. Using the CMAX software I can trip the relays fine.

    Any ideas what is causing this? I'm using the ADIOcelot plug-in.

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    First guess is that the Interface property of the plugin is set to Applied Digital Ocelot rather than ADIOcelot. This is an ADIOcelot setup item. There are a few discussions on this subject on the forum so additional suggestions should be able to be found there.


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      I'm still trying to get it to work. I had it set the way you described.

      The Adiocelot plug-in did manage to blow away my BLrfid devices though. Added bonus.


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        I suspect your RFID devices did not have the .Interface property set so when ADIOcelot asked for a new house code, Homeseer did not know RFID plugin was using something. The same approach that others used should work for you. I do not have my ADIOcelot connected to ADIOcelot plugin, but there are several others that should be able to chime in to embelish what is on the board for the solution approach.


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          I think the 2nd most common is if the misc value is incorrect. Try running the attached script. It will log the housecode, name, and misc value for all your ADIOcelot devices to the HSlog file. Look for the relay devices; the misc value should be 8000. If it's greater, something like 18000, then un-comment the line in the script above the writelog and rerun the script. That will reset the values to what they should be.
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            Thanks for everyones help. After deleting and re-added the devices a few times... things started to work.