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Lame wiring question for a SECU16I

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  • Lame wiring question for a SECU16I

    Hopefully someone can direct me to a diagram for this.
    I have a SECU16I and I am trying to figure out how to
    wire the thing.
    I have gotten the power and comm lines working. My question
    is where do I connect the input leads from a door sensor? I
    assumed that one lead goes to common and the other to one of
    Input points. Why are their so many commons? Do input 5-8 connect
    to the two common connections above them, or can they go to
    any common?


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    There's 16 distinct inputs on the SECU16I. You can either have them a supervised inputs (contact closure) or analog (0 to 5v). Any common is a common - it's one leg of the circuit with a bunch of individual connection points.

    If your door sensor is a simple magnetic reed contact switch, your thought process is correct: wire one side to the common, the other to an input. Then you need to configure the bank that that input is on to be supervised if it isn't already (JP2 for 1-8, JP1 for 9-16 if I remember correctly). The SECU16I is a bit frustrating in that you have to have an entire bank of 8 inputs in one mode or the other, you can't configure them on an input-by-input basis.

    Don't forget your 1k resister across the circuit as shown in the setup info. You could put it right at the SECU16I from input to common, but if you run it out by the physical switch itself then the Ocelot can detect a cut wire scenario.

    It's been a while since I fiddled with setting mine up but I'd be happy to help further if I can.


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      Thanks for your input. I'm in the process of re-wiring, I somehow got it in my mind that the resistor was in series, not parallel. Will let you know how it all shakes out.