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SECU 16 Inputs Status

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    SECU 16 Inputs Status

    I have just purchased and installed a SECU 16.

    I can not seem to get the status to update on the inputs. I have been searching the board and can't seem to find an answer.

    I can turn the relays on and off from HS. I can see the inputs turn from on to off in CMAX but nothing changes on the inputs in HS..status remains "unknown" and last change stays on "never set"

    I am running HS2 and the HS Adicon plug in.

    Any insight would be grearly appreciated.


    Some cobination of starting/stopping HS, power up/down Adicon string, connecting/disconnecting one power lead and com b, Deleting/adding devices fixed the problem...Please don't ask me to document....Certainly an interesting 6 hours.

    One to my 6 motion detecors, with event outputs to DVR with 8 night vision cameras and alarm system with Backberry alerts. Man I love this stuff!!!!

    try and sneak up on me will ya.....