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ADI Ocelot exception in error log

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  • ADI Ocelot exception in error log

    I have an Ocelot with two SECU16I modules (modules 3 & 5) and a RLY08 module (module 4). Been trying to migrate to HS3 for some time now. When I create devices in HS3 for the Ocelot modules it seems to create the 16 devices for the first SECU16I module fine but for some reason the devices for the second SECU16I are not. A device for I/O Point 0 doesn't get created but devices for the other 15 inputs are created as Input 1 through Input 15. Any time an input is received on the first I/O point I get the following error message in the log.

    Nov-13 2:43:45 PM Ocelot Exception updating HS device value for unit 5, I/O Point 0 := Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    I've deleted my SECUI devices and recreated them several times thinking the database was corrupt but this still happens. I imagine I could work around this by rewiring the sensor to a different input but before I do, has anyone else experienced this and found a way to fix it?


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    I am experiencing the same issue. Did you get anywhere with this? Thanks!


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      I also have seen the same problem with the first I/O point on a SECU16. I think it's a bug in the HS3 Plugin code. Since I'm only using points 0 and 1 I may have to physically remap things to get around the problem.


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        I opted to use Michael McSharry's xAP plug-in for HS3 and his xapmcsAdiOcelot program and mcsxapHub. I was reluctant to rewire / remap my I/O's. There's a bit of a learning curve. If you're interested see xAP discussions at the following subgroup.

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