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  • Relay status reporting

    I discussed this briefly with Dan Boone of Applied Digital earlier this week, but - as you'll know if you read my other post - I was really focusing on a different issue and that is now resolved, so I'm sticking with the Applied Digital solution!

    From what I'm seeing, the Leopard/Ocelot does not get the "RLY8-XA status points" from the RLY8-XA - it seems to store the command that it send the RLY8-XA as if that's fact. In the case of the problem I was having previously, the RLY8-XA was locking up, but the Leopard was contining to report (to Homeseer and/or Cmax) that the relays were opening and closing as requested. The only way to know was to look at the lights of the RLY8-XA to see if it was opened or closed. Based on the flashing lights, the Leopard and RLY8-XA were still talking.

    Whether the units were talking or not, in my opinion, the Leopard/Ocelot should not report back that a relay is opened or closed if it - either - is not actually so and has the ability to communicate that to the Leopard/Ocelot, or - worst case - the Leopard/Ocelot does not know the status of the relay as it has lost communication with the RLY8-XA. I think there should be a "communication lost" variable value at least.

    Dan said that there may be a fix coming to this, so I thought I'd post the issue here, since the Applied Digital tech folks didn't seem to know much about the appnotes site that they'd pointed me to and - clearly - Dan hangs out here a bit.

    If you agree that this would be a good thing to implement and/or have any other ideas on making this happen, please let Dan know.


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    RLY8-XA LOCKING UP (ocelot relay module)

    I have this problem you mentioned... My rly8-xa module locks up.. the communication light on IT stops blinking-- all other modules keep on working correctly-- and homeseer thinks everything is fine-- but its not.. you mentioned this as if you solved your problem... what was the solution? i got to get this fixed-- this particular relay module controls the heating system. thanks! Ken
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