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How To Get a Variable Value For Use in Homeseer

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    How To Get a Variable Value For Use in Homeseer

    How do I read the absolute value of a variable from the Ocelet in a HOmeseer script?


    Assuming you've created/setup the Ocelot devices in HS - just use hs.devicevalue or hs.devicevaluebyname to access the value.

    What do you mean by "absolute" value?




      In your device list, do you have a long list of Ocelot devices? These are listed before A1 if you sort alphabetically. They start with some odd character like "[" or something. These are the variables you can access. If you have bobcats, the data will show up in these. You can rename them but do not change the "housecode".

      If you do not have these then you did not install the Ocelot OCX properly - there's more than just assigning it a port. You need to do this first, then restart HS.

      In Ocelot, if you write "code" using the software hat came with it, you can manipulate variables, or read things and have them output to these devices in HS. Be careful of which ones you use, however. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

      -System Spec------
      ASUS A7V333ARU VIA KT333 MOTHERBOARD; AMD ATHLON XP PROCESSOR 2200+ (1800MHz); 1024MB DDR 333MHz DDRAM; ATI RAGE 128 CHIPSET 32MB W/ TV OUT VGA CARD; AHANIX PLATINUM XP SILVER/BLACK COLOR 9 DRIVE BAYS SPI 300W POWER SUPPLY TOOL-LESS PANELS ATX MID TOWER CASE; Win2K SP2 5Serial 1Parallel, Hawking Modem, Broadband >Mediacomm, Phillips Audio, ATT Voices, PhoneSwitch, 10/100 Ethernet, Ocelot for IR and Bobcats, CM11A for X10


        I may not have explained myself properly. I figured it out and ended up using the following to do it:

        sub main()
        Dim TvOff
        TvOff = cpuxa.GetVar(24)
        cpuxa.playIR (TvOff)
        end sub

        Thanks for the help.