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Question on controlling SECU-16 and RLY8-XA relay with vbscript.

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    Question on controlling SECU-16 and RLY8-XA relay with vbscript.

    Should you be able to turn Ocelot module relays ON/OFF with the hs.ExecX10 function or is the cpuxa.SetPoint function the only way to control the relays?

    I ask because when I use the cpuxa.GetPoint function control Ocelot relays, the relays are activated, but HS Device for the relay is not updated to reflect relays state change and I have to use the hs.SetDeviceValue function to keep the relays status current.

    Its just the opposite, when I use the hs.ExecX10 function. The HS Device ON/OFF status for the relay gets changed, but the relay is not effected.

    Can anyone clear up this issue of controlling the Ocelot Module Relays and keeping HS Device status updated without having to use to HS VBScripts functions?

    Roger [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

    I had to wait to respond until I had some time to play. This is how my system acts:

    The following two commands work:
    hs.ExecX10byName "Secu16 Unit 1 Relay Output 4", "On"
    cpuxa.setpoint 1,12,1

    there is a delay on updating the status using the setpoint command - you have to wait until HS reads the relay status back from the ocelot.

    This command doesn't work:
    hs.ExecX10 "[13","on"

    I see the HS status change but it then resets (probably when it updates from ocelot). As far as I can tell the relay never changes state.

    It seems like that may be a problem with the plugin (1.0.23)




      You are getting the same response I did. Other than, I have not tryed the ExecX10ByName Function. Reason I didn't try it was, I thought they were the same functions, by which you called an commen routine with different parameters.

      I will write some test routines and see if the ExecX10ByName function sets/resets the Ocelot relays and the HS Device Status at the same time.
      Will post reply under this topic if I get something different than you did with the ExecX10ByName function.

      Whish, there was some documentation for the Ocelot Plug-in, so you didn't have to spend hours just to figure out how things work. Most of the time your testing doesn't do any good because what your tests show you can't believe. So you have to get somebody else to run tests and varify it.

      Thanks Again




        I wrote routine to cycle all the relays in my SECU-16 and RLY8-XA Units and the ExecX10ByName function worked fine after I cleared the Device Status of the relays I had been manually updating with scripts.

        One more day and I've found out one more thing I need to know about the Ocelot and HS's Plug-in to complete my project. At this rate I will have a good start come January.