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Tacking X10

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    Tacking X10

    When the Ocelot executes something from Internal programming in CMAX, I cannot get Homeseer to see that.

    How do I get the Status of an X10 device to change if the Ocelot turns something on or off.


    When you monitor X10 in C-Max, does C-Max report the X10 activity?

    Kevin Barrett
    ADI Tech Support


      you are everywhere. Good to see you. The anwswer is Yes. I started with PowerHome but after recommendations from the CPUXA Newsgroup. I switched to Homeseer.

      In PowerHome you can trigger an event with an X10 In or X10 Out. The X10 out feature allows you to see what CMAX is sending out through the OCELOT.

      HomeSeer does not seem to be able to do it.


        But don't ask me how much is who's not talking and how much is who's not listening. Net result is, HomeSeer just doesn't know.

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          I know I would be interested in closer integration between the Ocelot and HomeSeer. I use both Cmax and HomeSeer routines.




            Not sure this is the Applied Digital guys or the OCX. My point is that I remember from somewhere that they didn't write the OCX, but I don't recall where I read this.

            Frankly speaking, I wish the OCX was half as good as the MR26 OCX is. Ocelot seems so relaible and reasonably powerful, it is a shame that the interface sucks so bad. Maybe we could get Geoff Epstein to write us a manly Ocelot interface. I'd gladly pay $35 for that!

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