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Temp and Humidity

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    Temp and Humidity

    It didn't seem appropriate to post this in the Temp05 area, so I'll put it here:

    I noticed that Rupp seemed to be considering the jj humidity sensor, which is $70 fully assembled as a board.

    The ADI temp sensor goes for $45 and the humidity for $55 at Worthinton. These are fully enclosed, "pretty" units.

    I'm in favor of the Temp05 / Garyga 1-wire stuff if you'll be using $3 sensors, but at $70, it seems you're better off with ADI's.

    Maybe there's something I'm missing...

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    The humidity and temp bobcats are not very accurate at ALL. I think GenevaDude posted a couple of posts which alluded to the fact that the humidity sensor was not accurate at all and was having problems configuring it. The humidity sensor Jim Jennings is putting together has both humidity and temp on the same board and can be used with the one-wire plugin and the Temp05 unit. I actually do not own the JJware humidity sensor because I was lucky enough to get the experiments kits from dalsemi when they were $20. I'm wanting a new one though and this is the only option available.

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      I just got done building two of the Humidity/Temperature boards and you can do it cheaper if you pruchase the parts yourself (if you don't mind soldering). I haven't calculated up the actual cost yet but I know it was a bit cheaper though. Also, the price for the complete assembled board from Jim is $60 not $70 unless you include shipping.

      I couldn't use the ADI temp or humidity sensors because I don't have an Ocelot.

      Like Rupp was saying you have humidity and temperature on one board. No it doesn't come in a "pretty" case but depending on where you are going to mount it then it doesn't matter. I'm mounting one of mine in my temperature pagoda (thanks for the ideas Rupp) on my weather station mast that I am building so it doesn't need a case.

      My $0.02 worth.



        I just purchased two of the "JJ" sensors and for me they were worth the price. Well constructed and they work like a champ.....


          Rupp is correct on the ADI sensor.
          When I got my humidity sensor, the calibration value was placed in the wrong location, and so it was waaaay off. See my original post here. Putting it in the correct location has set it to within 6 to 12 points of the humidity I get from the local forecast - Dupage Airport, which is about two miles from my location.

          In all fairness, the sensor itself is a very good device. I did some research on the sensor and it is an excellent product. I'd use it myself. I believe the calibration is the big issue, and if I have time I'd recal the unit. For the price, it should be within one or two points, four at the most.

          My biggest issue is with the way ADI calibrates their products. They use a "Golden Sample" methodology. This process contains errors from the get-go. In a controlled process, one would use a traceable standard. And that standard would be at least one magnatude better than the product you were calibrating.

          I can't recommend ADI BobCats for this reason, but I believe that the Ocelot is one helluva great controller!




            Thanks for the feedback on the jj units are temp & humidity: I'd missed that. I may go that route, as $70 for both doesn't seem bad at all.

            Thanks also for the accuracy info on the ADI gear. Especially at that price, I'd rather go 1-wire or jj.

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