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Automatic Learning Script for Ocelot

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    Automatic Learning Script for Ocelot

    This script is a functional example of the commands:

    In theory it works, but my results have not been exactly rewarding - in other words, I'm not sure of the results. The goal was to create a script to teach my Ocelot from the Family Room, so that my PowerMids, which pickup the signal and retransmit it to the Ocelot, would learn the patterns they would need to detect in scripts. I think I need to adjust some parameters on my Ocelot to increase it's sensitivity.

    Regardless, the script does work. In order to apply it, create an event to trigger on a house code that is available on a keypad in the room you wish to program your ocelot. My example uses "F11". Although not necessarily required, I filter for this code in the script just in case it gets called by some other action I didn't plan on. You do not need to do this. You can also call the script from a HR12A (palm pad remote), and set it to a house code you don't use for anything else, in order to "keep the kids from reprogramming you ocelot".

    The way it works is simple. From a standard plug in keypad, press the keycode, (I'll use "F11"), and then "ON". This sets up the process, and you should hear "Ocelot is ready to learn". If you instead hear "Location number " and a number greater than zero, you should press "OFF", wait for "Ocelot is Done." and start over.

    To program the Ocelot, after pressing "F11" "ON", you will hear "Location number zero". Press the "BRIGHT" key to index to "Location number One" and Press "ON". You will hear "Ready". Using your IR Remote Control, press the button you wish Ocelot to learn. You will hear "Done." after Ocelot has learned the code. (I have another script that speaks codes back to me.) Now you can press the "BRIGHT" key to index to the next location.

    When you are finished, press the "OFF" key. All this does is reset the script variables.

    If you plan on using this as a learning tool, I suggest you make an indexed list on paper of each code you wish to teach Ocelot. I have a script that listens to a variable, and if it reports the number, I speak the value back, which is a confirmation that it programmed properly.

    Let me know how it works, and if you have any suggestions, I'd be greatful to hear them.

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