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Looking for IR Codes

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    Looking for IR Codes

    I've been watching the pervious discussion on some IR codes from a library. I would like to switch my IR from my older PCIRLinc 1195 to my Ocelot to support my new DVD player.

    Here's my equipment list:

    Sony DSS Receiver (DirecTV)
    Sony VCR
    Sony TV
    Toshiba SD-2800 DVD
    Toshiba 32" TV

    None my my remotes provide the descrete codes for Power On or Off, only toggle. I have logic which requires a Power ON or Off signal for the TV's.

    Any one with these codes? TIA



    I'll be glad to give you a hand but it may take me a few days to get to it. I think everything you have will have discrete commands except for the Toshiba equipment. The DVD will respond to Play from off by turning the unit on. So On=Play/stop and Off=Play/Power Toggle. For the TV I would suggest making a simple video sensor and that can be sensed by a SECU16 if you have one or the x10 equivalent.