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Probs with new Ocelot

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    Probs with new Ocelot

    I got my shiny new Ocelot and PSC05 on Wednesday and eagerly hooked them up. I hit a brick wall immediately, however. X-10 doesn't work at all -- transmit or receive -- either from HS or C-Max. The X-10 LED on the Ocelot doesn't light up though the LED on the PSC05 does. I've gone the through the troubleshooting steps in the manual. I'm using the right cables. I've updated the Ocelot flash. So now I'm left assuming either the Ocelot or the PSC05 is defective. Can anyone offer up an idea for how to test which might be the culprit or should I just send them both back? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

    My only recommendation is to make sure you are using the
    cable that came with the ocelot for the pcs05.

    Other cables I have tried didn't work.


    Good Luck
    Why oh why didn't I just leave things alone, they had been working.


      Unless you have a spare PCS05-to-Ocelot cable and/or a spare PCS05, or know someone who can loan you one (or borrow yours), or are willing to get one briefly, I don't think there's much you can do. I suppose you could mail the whole thing to one of the rest of us and we can swap it out and see if it works piece by piece, but is it worth that?

      Did you get it all as a package from one source? If so, why not just send it all back without worrying about which part is problematic? If not, maybe you should send back whichever part came from the more-cooperative vendor, and if that doesn't fix it, send back the other one.

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        Sorry to here about your problems.

        Did you try your PSC05 in more than one outlet?

        I had problems with mine once because the wiring on one side of the circuit was a different size than the wiring on the other side of the outlet box. Moved the PSC05 to the end of the run and the problems went away.

        Sounds like it's something else, but it's worth investigating.


          I plugged the controller and the receiver I was testing against into the same power strip. No luck. Looks like it's time to send these toys back to the warehouse.


            When you connect the Ocelot to the PSC05, does the X10 light on the Ocelot illuminate green?

            Kevin Barrett
            ADI Tech Support