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Ocelot/HS Compatible Consoles

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    Ocelot/HS Compatible Consoles


    I've been prewired for a couple of years now for everything including video/audio/network/security and IR and now I want to get the goodies. I've spent a lot of time researching HA products and while the Omni is touted as the ultimate integrator I think it comes up short on the really cool HA features like IR and In thinks it's overpriced and restrictive. I am leaning heavily towards the Ocelot but was wondering if there are consoles out there that can work with the ocelot or do I have to get the leopard

    Worthington has the leopard for just ~$195 more than the Ocelot so it would be a comparatively valued upgrade but what if I want two consoles? I'm thinking front door/side door consoles to disable security when we get in. Could I go with a simple keypad controller which connects to the HS Phone Switch and simply talk to the controller though HS?

    What are my options?


    I'd recommend a Leopard... or two.

    In fact, some folks actually use an Ocelot as the central controller, then use the Leopards as remote input devices - it keeps things lean and fast, since the UI devices are using their own clock-cycles to draw screens and such, then sending the commands to the primary Ocelot and/or additional devices.

    If you have to choose, buy the Leopard. I returned my original Ocelot way back for the Leopard and it has turned out to be one of the best items in the HA arsenal - especially for WAF.

    You could use any sort of interface - like a phone interface - to HS, then push it to the ADI gear; I wouldn't. The strength of the ADI gear is that it is not typically subject to the variations that the HS / Windows environment is; mine has not stopped working once in the year I've had it. The Leopard touch screen had troubles, but the underlying code and all functions continued to work flawlessly. Replaced the Leo, upped the code, all back in good shape.

    I'd recommend trying to keep any security interfaces free from PCs if possible.

    Oh... two or more Leopards: no problem at all. Most of my ADI code - at this point - calls sub-routines based on variables. This makes it very easy to - not only use multiple Leopards - but actually load the same code in them with very little modification, since they'd automatically call the same variables in the same controller.


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      Seems like a waste of money to install multiple leopards when all that is really required is the user interface. Is ADI planning a "console" expansion module which encompasses the features in the Leopard not common to the Ocelot?

      That would be ideal!


        To my knowledge, the Leopard is the UI. As I mentioned, it uses - and needs - full code processing to do what it does.

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          I just sent a message to ADI ( asking for related information. The text of the message follows. I'll share anything I learn.

          I am planning a security/automation system for my home and am considering integrating an HAI Omni for security with an Ocelot for IR control and automation. Worthington Distribution has a reference to "RS232 OmniLink connection for HAI computers" on its ADI page in their catalog ( and I am now looking for technical information on it. Is it an ADI product and if so may I have some details on it including availability.

          Also... Are there any plans to produce a console 485 expansion module to provide a keypad type user interface to the Ocelot? I'd rather use the Ocelot for the entire system (IR/automation AND security) but recognize the user interface limitation. It won't do to use a Leopard as the console since that would mean putting the controller in a sensitive location (near the door when it could be ripped of the wall and thus disabled). The console would have a security application panel look and feel (arm/disarm/numeric keypad/speaker for voice or just audible feedback of button presses... basically something like the interface provided by the Omni keypads or that provided by any other security system). If this product is coming then may I have some information on it. If it will suite my needs then I'll likely skip the Omni altogether and wait for the ADI keypad.

          Optionally... Are there any application notes on configuring the Ocelot to work with another vendors keyad (such as the Omni keypad)?


            FYI, there are at least two ADI folks who post on this group: Kevin Barrett and Dan Boone. I'm sure you'll get an answer here or there.

            You may want to consider the Futurestandard mail list for ADI info as well - which I think you can get to through the ADI site.


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              I tried to find references to this on without any luck. Do you have any additional info on this mail list?

              I assume that the two ADI guys you mentioned will eventually drop in and find this discussion but is there a more direct way to contact them?

              BTW - Thanks for your help! I'm really green but very keen and I'm looking forward to getting into this!

              Regards... Scott


                The ADI mail list is at:

                Jeff Farmer

                Jeff Farmer
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                  We communicate with the Omni via the on board RS232 port. No seperate device is required. We provide the Omni with IR capability that it does not have.

                  We have considered a device we called the LCD80, but it got put on the back burner. It would provide a security type keypad on the RS485 port. I'll check to see what the future plans for the LCD80 are going to be.

                  We can Transmit ASCII out our RS232 port or out the RS232 port of a Bobcat module to any device. We currently can not receive other devices protocols. We will be coming out with bi-directional RS232 and RS485 bobcat modules that will support specific protocols such as Omni, RSC etc.

                  BTW: Scott: I did not get your e-mail.

                  Kevin Barrett
                  ADI Tech Support


                    Hi Kevin:

                    Thanks for the information. I'm certainly interested in future plans for the LCD80. If there is reasonable certainty that this will be coming then I'll hold off purchasing an Omni. I'm sure I can implement a complete system in the Ocelot with the keypad modules.

                    If the keypad module is a non-starter then the bidirectional RS232 Bobcat would be of interest to me.

                    I understand that presently there would be only a only 1-way transfer of data to an Omni over the serial port. Do you know if the Omni could be setup to monitor virtual zones (i.e. zones that don't physicially exist in the Omni but are instead internal variables that are updated by a dump from the Ocelot to the Omni either by schedule or by event change)? I may be way off base here. I'm not speaking from actual experience with either system... I'm just researching my options at this point. Perhaps this question should be posted to the Omni forum.

                    If the virtual zone concept is possible I would be able to use the smallest Omni with no Omni expansion modules and still have an expandable security system by adding Ocelot SECU16 modules. This would be faster and more reliable than using X10 semaphores to update the zone status'.... especially if there are lots of virtual zones.

                    I had started a related thread on the Omni forum...

                    Strange that you didn't get the E-mail message I sent but the content is shown in an earlier post anyway.

                    Regards... Scott