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ocelot memory limitations?

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    ocelot memory limitations?

    new to ha, writing a web based ha scheduling program for pc illiterates. im looking for a hardware controller that can retain scheduling, on a monthly basis - pc would be turned on monthly to update hardware for following month. can someone explain to me what the 16k memory of the ocelot actually holds. can i have 15 different timed events per day on a 7 day rotation. where sunday is different that monday etc...
    i am only interested in time/date based triggers, no motion, thermostat, x10, etc..


    I beleive the current limit for the ocelot is 2048 lines of code.
    But the new 2.0 version may have increased that I am not sure.
    But that should more than enough for your events.

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      The new limit with C-Max 2.0 is 4096 lines. With that, you could program hundreds of scheduled events no problem.

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        is there anyway to upload a program to ocelot without the use of cmax


          Right now CMAX is really the only way to upload a program.

          However, the RS232 command set is somewhat documented, you might be able to write your own upload. Since its not fully documented, you would probably need to "sniff" the serial port to see what CMAX is actually doing.

          If you want to try your hand at this, you get get the PortMon utility from that will do this for you.


            You could write a shell program in the Ocelot and have your program update the Variables with the schedule times. The Ocelot allows comparing time of day to a variable. If the I/O remains the same, this is the simplest way to go.

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