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Poll: X10 Wireless Bobcat

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    Poll: X10 Wireless Bobcat

    I was wondering if anyone saw the need for an X10 wireless Bobcat. Basically this would plug into ADNet and be an X10 transceiver to receive X10 wireless signals so that CMAX could use them, as well as possibly send them to HS through the Ocelot's serial cable.

    Please vote for your interest in this. Here's a few things I'd LOVE to see in this:

    1. Receives both X10 RF and X10 security signals

    2. Seen in CMAX as different from an X10 signal received on the powerline, ie: IF Receive-Wireless-X10... instead of IF Receive-X10 or something. This would enable you in CMAX to easy map a wireless motion sensor from B1 to D5 for instance (like in the HS MR26A plugin), or for that matter map B1 from the sensor into IR to turn on the TV or something.

    3. For X10 security, add CMAX commands to receive the security code, ie: IF Receive-X10-Security...

    4. Bobcat should have an antennae jack so we can extend the antennae.

    In hardware, I'd imagine this would be easy to create. However, it would (doing it my way) require changes to the CMAX and the Ocelot firmware.

    However, I'd buy one of these.

    Poll question: Do you see a need for a Wireless X10 Bobcat, and would you buy one if it were available?
    Yes, I'd buy one if it were less than $150
    I'd buy one for under $100
    I'd buy it only if it were under $50
    Think its a neat idea, but I have no use for one.
    Stupidest idea I've ever heard!


    This is indeed a valuable concept, as it would allow me to relocate my receiver to the basement and thusly have it in a location that would be more appropriate for my applications.

    (NOTE: One does not need to locate antennas or receivers in the attic. Radio waves are not any better "way up there". They are all over the place. Locate the antenna wherever you wish in a home that centers it for your transmitters [I.E. motion sensors].)

    Brian, what I would probably like even more, is a serial port bob-cat. Then I could plug in my MR-26 or my TI103 or whatever I wanted!


    P.S. Bob-Cats are priced on the high side already. I doubt I'd pay over $100.



      I wanted the antennae port more so I could use a larger antennae than what would probably be built in, and if I had problems put a cable amp on it like I did with the MR26A (it really helped).

      Reason I would like to have this instead of using the MR26A is that I find the Ocelot a whole lot reliable and responds faster than my PC.

      As for the Bobcat prices, I actually would pay around $100 for one like this, only because it offers a lot of functionality for me... and eliminates a lot of headache.

      Also if the power goes out, I can have my Ocelot run on a UPS for quite some time (haven't tested, but in theory it should run for days on a good sized UPS).

      Other thing is the keep in mind that a two way serial bobcat probably would not let you talk to a MR26A. I doubt Applied Digital would add all the commands to CMAX necessary - would need to be able to detect DTR, DSR, CTS, change baud rates, character bit size (8/7), etc in order to support all the different things you can do over RS232.

      My guess is a two way serial interface would be basically limited to what the built in RS232 interface does, ie: you might be able to use it for CMAX or HomeSeer, or other PC application (where the PC has the burden of knowing how to speak to the Ocelot). But most likely not the other way - ie: Ocelot would handle the details of interfacing with a dumb device like the MR26A.

      There is a 1 way serial Bobcat that just lets you send strings (predefined) out, so I would assume a 2 way wouldn't be much more capable than that for CMAX programs.


        We already have something like this in the works.

        I'll post a picture when I return to the office.

        The device can plug into the Ocelot/Leopard X-10 port, or be connected to the ADNET bus. The device is addressable, so several units can reside on the bus.

        Bi-directional X-10 support.
        RF Receiver (fixed frequency I think it is 418 MHz)
        I think it also has a RF transmitter, but I'll have to check on that.

        Planned release is late fall 2003.

        Dan Boone, ADI



          excellent idea, but late fall??? Thats a long way down the road. By then most of us will be tired of dealing with the X10 wireless issues and rip out all of it and replace with hard wire!

          * It would be interesting if some company did solve the distance issues with the MR26A. In my house, I just need a second MR26A for reliable reception. If Geoff Epstein releases the "two" MR26A plug-in, then I would not purchase this Bobcat.

          * x10 Security reception would also be of interest.

          * Being able to send messages from the Ocelot/Leapard to HS would also be of interest.

          On a positive, Ocelot is a great product!
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            Great, glad to hear it! I thought that ADI might have already been working on it as it is an obvious enhancement to an already great product line.

            BTW - Do you know if it will support the X10 security?

            Two way sounds good too, though I wasn't expecting that.

            Any ideas on an estimated price? Are you having a beta program, I'd love to beta this?

            Also, would love to see the pics as well as any specs you have on it.

            Thanks for the info!



              BTW - regarding distance issues with the MR-26A, have you tried the antennae mod (the dipole one)? Worked GREAT for me, was only getting about 20 feet reception before, now getting everywhere. Added a $10 cable amp inline with the antennae and it again increased the range, haven't gotten any false signals that I know of.

              Now if this new ADI bobcat can get reception like I've seen with the mod, then that will solve all my issues, and hey, I can even put motion sensors around my yard and have the Ocelot track movement.