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Need some help setting up the Ocelot

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    Need some help setting up the Ocelot

    Hey Guys,
    I need some advise on setting up my Ocelot. Since my CM11A is using my only serial port, I bought a USB to Com Port adaptor for the Ocelot. It appears to be working great with the
    C-Max software but I'm getting an error message in the HS log when I start up.

    ~!~startup~!~Initializing Infrared Interface
    ~!~Info~!~Ocelot Plug-in, Version 1.0.22
    Error~!~Ocelot Plug-in, Ocelot init error: Could not set comm state, there may be one or more invalid communications parameters.
    ~!~Error~!~Initializing custom IR device: Ocelot init error: Could not set comm state, there may be one or more invalid communications parameters.

    I set up the Ocelot in the interface tab under options. I selected "Applied Digital Ocelot" as my inferred device and set it to com 4.
    I was able to then start the ir learning. When I tested the learned ir command, nothing happens. I think it's because HS is having some communication problem with the com port. (I'm Lost)

    I went back and re-tested the Ocelot using C-Max and it worked great. Can anyone help me figure out why HS is not working with it?


    Its more than likely a communication problem using the USB to Com Port adapter. Try substituting it for your CM11A and if it works then you've found your problem. These USB to Com Port adapters are generally more trouble than they are worth. I would suggest buying a multi com port PCI card.

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      I've had pretty good luck with using the USB/Serial adapter, but Rupp is right that it might be the problem. The better ones (like the Byte Runner) are really just as good as any other serial expansion, but some of the cheap "dongle" ones seem to have some problems.

      The Ocelot is not very demanding on the serial interface. It doesn't do any handshaking (all the DTR, CTS, etc. junk). Instead it just needs a receive line, a transmit line, and a ground (or a ground for each way). I had four wires out of a CAT-5 that I was using for comms from my PC to my Ocelot back when they were two floors apart, and it worked fine. The MR26A on the other hand seems to need all the handshaking, and so needs a no-kidding serial cable, and a no no-kidding serial interface.

      Anyway, I'd be suspicious of the comm settings on your USB-to-serial interface, else the interface itself.




        I took your advice and tested the Ocelot using the same serial port that my CM11A communicates out of. That COM port works great. HS recognized the Ocelot and the plug-in feature. I was then able to learn/test the ir commands using HS only (all is great). Apparently, that USB to Com port adaptor is not going to work with the CM11A or the Ocelot.... so much for that idea .

        Here's my new plan.........
        Since all my expansion slots are full, I'm going to remove my 4 port USB card and replace it with a dual serial port card. I'll get an external 6-port USB hub to connect all my USB devises to.

        This will give me 3 serial ports - 1 for the CM11A, 1 for the Ocelot and 1 open.

        I hope this works!! I've been tinkering around with this thing since X-mas. I really feel like this is going to work this time. I guess I'll find out tonight when I get home and install all this new hardware I bought today.

        Also, I too have purchased the Secu16ir module. I have about 10 different ir devices that I want to control. I guess that’s my next think to "tackle". I was reading your last post about setting the zones, etc. BOY OHHH BOY. What have I got myself into????


          If you can, I would recommend a 4-8 port serial card, I don't think there is a huge cost difference and it gives you room to expand. I have the Ocelot, a Temp05, a security panel, and 2 thermostats on rs232 running of my PC, and I am not done yet...

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            I was having quite a few problems using my Belkin USB hub and its serial ports. Really killed the reliability.

            I bought the Byterunner 8 port card and eliminated the Belkin hub. My system reliability really improved.




              You’re right. There are a few other things I need to add to my home automation that require serial ports. I took your advice and bought a 4-port card.

              Last night, after hooking up the Ocelot and SECU16ir, everything worked like a charm. Autoaddressing the SECU16ir was a bit of a bear but I managed to get both devices to communicate with each other.
              Programming the Ocelot with HS is a snap compared to C-Max because HS already has the templates and labels already setup. I'm so glad this worked.
              I took the berklin USB to Serial hub back to CompUSA and got a refund.

              I'm now at the point of doing the "fun stuff" with the Ocelot.......writing some cool VB scripts to make it all work!!

              Anyway.........thanks for everyone’s input and advice.