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Applied Digital Leopard Display\Controller

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    Applied Digital Leopard Display\Controller

    Has anyone done any scripting for the Applied Digital Leopard Display Controller Unit.
    Basically it is an Ocelot Unit packaged with the touch screen display. It is a really neat unit and my ECS software supports it. Just wondering if there is any support for Homeseer via scripting or otherwise. Applied Digital also has a new display/controller out called the Leopard II. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Much,
    Rick Bonari

    HomeSeer does provide direct support for most of the functionality of the Ocelot (though there are a few things missing). Since the Leopard can do anything an Ocelot can, this would cover most of the things you would want to do.

    I don't think that HomeSeer provides direct support for the Leopard (ie: don't think you can use HomeSeer to *directly* control add to a Leopard's screens). HomeSeer provides the exact same support for the Leopard that it does for the Ocelot and nothing more.

    However, you can use CMAX that comes with the Leopard to program the Leopard screens, etc... Then if you want HomeSeer to be able to indirectly control the Leopard, you can tell it through variables what to do and have your CMAX program interpret them.

    Since HomeSeer does have access to Ocelot/Leopard variables, you CAN have it directly change the screen number the Leopard displays. This is in variable 63.



      Do you know if there is a way to write information to the Leopard Screen and to send commands to the leopard Screen say to clear the screen, turn the backlight on or beep the beeper.
      These things are supported in ECS software quite well and wondered if via Homeseer Scripting, this could be done. Would be nice to display certain status information to the Leopard Display Panel.
      Maybe Rich, if you are listening in, you could comment also. If there are people with example scripts out there, I would be interested to take a look at them. Also, I wouldn't mind working a script myself if I know where to start.

      Thanks Much



        Actually I don't have a Leopard yet, though will probably get one shortly to use as my security system panel (have an Ocelot).

        However, I do not believe that HomeSeer supports the Leopard commands that let you write text to the screen.

        You can write some CMAX code to do this, and possibly write different things based on the status of a variable. Then HomeSeer can set that variable and your CMAX code can see that and change something... Though I don't believe from CMAX you can simply write arbitrary text to the screen...

        I was thinking about asking Rich to see if he had any plans to provide additional support in the Ocelot plugin (there are a few things that HS misses that the Ocelot does, not many, ie: it can't see any X10 that CMAX sends, so this can mess up device states). Would be nice to have full Leopard support in as well.

        Since my HomeSeer PC is currently not up (had to change out a capacitor due to a design flaw that caused it to lockup, and I decided to reinstall everything), I can't test anything right now. Right now my HA stuff is running solely on the Ocelot standalone. Hope to have HomeSeer back up by first week of March (will have LOTS of business travel starting next week, so no time to play).