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    Ocelot Modules


    I have just purchased an Ocelot and SECU-16 which should arrive tommorrow.

    On the Applied Digital website, I found App Note 10 which refers to various Modules and Bobcats that have not yet been released.

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me when and if they are expected to be released and what the expected retail cost will be? A few of these items seem to be exactly what I was looking for to help complete my Ocelot setup.

    Here’s the ones I was most interested in:

    Bobcat-I – Would LOVE to be able to use iButtons, especially for temperature settings as well as many different other applications. I’m going the iButton route regardless, but if there was a Bobcat for the Ocelot to do this, (especially if it handled multiple iButtons off each Bobcat), then this would be a great benefit (one less serial port for the computer needed, and the Ocelot could handle communications with the iButtons, thus if my computer goes south, I could still have logic checking the iButtons.

    Bobcat-RCS – I assume this would be a non-X10 thermostat. The standard RCS X10 thermostat seems find, but I’d rather not use X10 for this function but relay on the Ocelot to control it directly. Also would be interested in the others, ie: Bobcat-OMNI, Bobcat-ENER.

    Video Switcher– Interested to know more about this. While I am using another method now, if the Ocelot could do it, that would be great.

    Octal– Am VERY interested in this one as well. This is stated as an “8 channel RS232 or 485 module”. What does that mean? 8 RS232 ports? Also, would it be send and receive?? The Bobcat-S looked interesting, but would need receive capability for my application.

    Does anyone (especially from Applied Digital) know anything about these modules, if and when they will be released?

    Looks like just what I'll need to complete my HS setup (other than the Way2Call modem, but that will come soon).

    The showcase application up on their BBS right now shows multiple non-X10 thermostats controlled through 485 Bobcat. Would these be visible and controllable through Homeseer and the Ocelot plugin?