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Problem with Ocelot and sending IR thru SECU16IR

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    Problem with Ocelot and sending IR thru SECU16IR

    Hi guys,

    It is a great forum and I hope someone can kindly help solve my problem.

    I have Ocelot hooked up to Secu16IR. I am able to see the IR module with ID 3 in CMax. I also see Secu16IR module recognized by HomeSeer. When I go to IR Configuration in HomeSeer I can select "Zone" 1-17 for each IR entry. I learned codes into HomeSeer.

    I have IR "mouse" hooked up to IR-0 on Secu16IR module. With IR code stored in location 472, I can manually issue Send Remote IR - module 3, zone 0, code 472 and it works great.

    However, when I then press Test button (next to learn button) in HomeSeer IR menu, I see no action from Secu16IR. Also, no action on cpuxa.PlayRemoteIR 3,0,472.

    I have no problems with sending IR from Ocelot's IR output with hs.PlayIR (472).

    I read on this board that IR codes have to be learned in CMax to be used with Secu16IR. I tried learn feature both in HomeSeer and CMax - neither works with Secu16IR, but each method works with IR output on Ocelot.

    Please help solve this mystery. Any suggestions will be very appreciated.

    I had trouble at first but it is now working. I am now able to learn IR within HomeSeer's IRConfig using Ocelot's IR receiver. Clicking on Test does send the IR command out the proper zone of the Secu16IR.

    The key in my case was to make sure that CMAX recognized the Secu16IR and once it did, the latest version of the Applied Digital Ocelot plugin recognized the Secu16IR module and added Zones to IRConfig.

    Right now I am only playing with sending IR out Zone 1 (or 0 in CMAX terms). I have not been successful at using the scripting commands but I think my problem lies with the hardware as I need to run wires and add emitters.

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