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Variables in Hs

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    Variables in Hs

    I install C-max 2.0 this morning.
    Since I cannot get update for variable in Hs.
    If I do
    cpuxa.SetVar 1,10 ocelot get the value and use but after
    the variable in Hs Stay allways with previous value....

    Same thing for RLY8-XA no update in Hs

    the ocelot and RLY8-XA are update and work fine.

    I am under XP Pro
    Normal serial.
    Last Plug in for ocelot 1.0.25.
    Homeseer 1.6.30

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm seeing the same problem.

    I had been running 1.52 with no problems. Yesterday I installed 1.6 on a new system, then updated everything to current (HS 1.6.41, Ocelot plugin 1.0.25). This is a fresh install; I brought nothing over from the previous installation except some of my scripts.

    Now scripts that were working fine are seriously confused. Breaking things down reveals that when I issue a cpuxa.setvar command, the value gets sent to the ocelot, but the status in HS doesn't change to reflect this. On the other hand, if the Ocelot changes a variable, this *does* get seen. For all the world this appears to be a case of the right hand not telling the left what it's doing.

    Turning on the Ocelot comms log shows the value changing in the received data stream as expected.

    Anybody have any ideas?


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      Always the same problem.....


        If you drop back to plugin versions 1.0.23 then the variables are handled correctly (1.0.24 displays the same symptoms as 1.0.25).

        I have emailed Rich about this to make sure he's aware of it.


          I appear to have found a way to kludge around it for now.

          For every cpuxa.setvar I code, I'm also including a hs.setdevicevalue. For instance:

          <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
          cpuxa.setvar 5, 30
          hs.setdevicevalue "[6", 30

          will set both the Ocelot variable and update HS. While it's a bit of a pain, it'll work for the time being...

          Of course I'd still like to have this fixed... Rich? Ya listening?



            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> If you drop back to plugin versions 1.0.23 then the variables are handled correctly (1.0.24 displays the same symptoms as 1.0.25). <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

            Unfortunately I made a large jump when I upgraded and so don't have the intermediate versions saved here. Is there any chance of a kind soul posting this version so that Nantes and I can quit pulling our hair?

            Of course, knowing my luck '.24 or '.25 fixes something more important that I'll need...



              1.0.23 is attached. These are the changes from readme_oclelot.txt listed for 1.0.24 and 1.0.25

              &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Changed for 1.0.25

              ' fixed cpuxa.LearnIRStart was not accessible from HomeSeer

              &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Changed for 1.0.24

              ' on fast variable changes, HS could become out of sync with real variable values

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                Thanks Jim, that did the trick.

                I'm not using the Ocelot's IR capability much (yet), so that fix isn't an issue (and when I have, I've done the learn from cmax anyway). And it would appear that the variable sync fix was possibly a wee bit too aggressive, ne?

                We now return to recreating events,


                  Ok, I see the problem. Tried to optimize things by updating the plugin info on the SetVar call. This fooled the plugin into thinking that HS was already updated. It looks ok now. Someone please give the latest a try at:

         (build 26)


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                    I've been testing/running it about an hour now and everything looks okay. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if I see anything amiss.



                      So far so good here.

                      Thanks Rich!


                        Good for me also for the variable.

                        For RLY8-XA when the on/off is change by the ocelot, the device in Homeseer is not update.

                        Is it possible to get this information in Homeseer??.