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How do I use the Digital Inputs on the SEC-16?

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    How do I use the Digital Inputs on the SEC-16?

    OK, I know that if I can use the inputs for a digital on/off status. I'm not sure how to configure it. The directions talk about supervised inputs, analog inputs and ma inputs alot, but do not tell you how to configure the jumpers for digital?

    I have tried both jumper off and jumper on pins 2+3. I hooked up a house link digital BOB to it in order to get the 5V needed. I tesed the output of the BOB and it is 5V. When I hook it up to the SEC-16 and test the input it seems to only register about 2v.

    Even going to 2v to about .25v (when the BOB is turned off) I still don't see any varibles change. Either in CMAX or homeseer.

    I see that the plugin setup a 8 varibles in homeseer for on off. Every once in a while I see inputs 4-7 go to "on" then back to "off" right away. I do not even have anything hooked up to those inputs.

    I really confused on how this should be setup to get the varibles in homeseer to give me a simple on-off status.

    Thanx for any help!


    You should ask the question here at the ADICON Support Forum.

    This forum is supported by the supplier and is very much like the HomeSeer forum. I suggest you register and ask the question in the ADICON Modules forum. In fact, the answer may be already awaiting you there.

    regards, and see you there!



      Will do. Thanx.