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Buy Ocelot... And what else do I need?

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    Buy Ocelot... And what else do I need?

    I’m fairly new to HA. Current setup consists of mostly lighting control using HS with CM11A and a mix of Lightolier and SmartLinc switches. I’d like to add IR control of my home theatre. From what I’ve read here, it sounds like the Ocelot controller is a good fit for my needs. My A/V gear consists of Denon receiver, Sony TV, Sony CD changer, Sony DVD player, Sony VCR and Hughes DirecTV receiver. All equipment models are new (within last 1 to 2 years).

    I’d like to start out with simple control of these components. Eventually, I’d like to add multi-room capability (built into my Denon receiver …sort of) and control via the HomeSeer Web interface to be accessed via Audrey in other rooms in the house. But, that’s later. However, it might be good to consider it now in whatever purchases I make.

    My question is… In addition to an Ocelot, what other equipment do I need (for the basic setup)? IR receivers? IR emitters? Powerline interface? PC interface? Anything else? I’m not sure what does and doesn’t come with the Ocelot. Your advice is appreciated.


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    If I recall nothing comes with it. If you want X10 then you need the powerline interface. If you want IR then the mono phono plug to likely a distribution unit. I think you also need to supply the power supply for the ocelot. Get it all from Worthington if you want best price and knowledgeable support.

    My setup is very similiar to yours, even with a Denon receiver. I use the $45 Xanetech single zone distribution package plus some extra mouse heads. I generally use the dual blinking ones since the block only has 4 ports. One of these will go back to the ocelot so the IR input is only optical. I believe others have indicated that the Xanetech block dies eventually. Mine has survived what is probably 6 month without a problem.


      I spoke with a sales rep from Worthington. He was unable to offer any advice with regard to the parts I'll need. He stated that the Ocelot does come with a power supply. However, he did not know what I needed for IR. I have figured out that I need:
      <LI> Ocelot (ADIOCELOT)
      <LI> 2-way interface (X10PSCO5) (for X10 control)[/list]

      Do I need the Plug-in IR receiver (ADIIRRECV) if I will be sending the IR commands out of HomeSeer? Is it perhaps useful for setup or testing?

      What kind of IR emitter do I need? The 16 controlled IR zoned inputs module (ADISECU16IR) seems like overkill. I just want to start out with simple control of one or two A/V devices. Can anybody provide a Worthington part number? I have seen postings regarding a self-built IR emitter. Is it easy? Where do I get the parts?

      All input is greatly appreciated.



        You will want the number of Mr. Morgan from Worthington. I belive he is resident in VA. He will tell you exactly what you need. It amounts to being a "starter kit" from Xanatech that is an IR distribution block with 4 port output at a cost of about $45. It contains a power supply, the cable from the ocelot to the block and I believe 1 mouse emitter. You should also buy a dual blinking mouse. This will give you control of 2 devices and feedback to the ocelot. You have 2 more ports on the distribution block which can handle up to 4 mouse heads. You can only use the dual emitters if two pieces of controlled equipment are within a foot or two of each other. You may also want an extension cable for any runs that are not within 6 or so feet. You can make your own by splicing the cable with cat3/cat5 or buy the premade ones that are 25 or 50 ft. They are cheap and that is the route I took.

        Be careful to keep power off of the ocelot while you are plugging/unplugging the IR cable between it and the Xanatech. Only the Ocelot's IR-out is used. The IR-in is not connected, but a mouse-head is stuck on the window for the learing IR LED on the ocelot.

        I'm on the road so I cannot give you any more specifics than this.


          Hi Independentpete,

          I have recently purchased the Ocelot too. Below is a list of things that I need to purchase separately.

          The Ocelot by itself only has 1 ir output. At first, I thought I could daisy chain from the one port. After looking into this, you cannot. The Ocelot has only enough power to support 1 emitter (as I'm told). If you wish to control multiple devices, you will need to purchase the SECU16ir Module. This will allow you to connect up to 16 emitters.

          All of the extras can be purchased at with the item numbers.

          1. 16-Zone ir Module (73113) SECU16ir
          2. 9v AC adapter 250mA. This is needed to power the SECU16ir module (sold separate). Even though the Ocelot comes with its own power supply, you cannot daisy chain power from the Ocelot to SECU16ir. Just not enough power for both modules.
          3. Mini stick-on ir emitters (stereo) (8170)

          I'm assuming that you will continue to use the CM11A as your computer interface??? If so, you can use the Ocelot for IR only.

          I hope this is the advice you were looking for.



            Thanks to all for the assistance. I ordered the Ocelot today from Worthington is back ordered until at least February 18. SmartHome is about 25% more expensive. I ordered the Ocelot, the PSC05 2-way powerline interface and the dual blink IR emitter.

            Since all my A/V components are near each other, I will first experiment with the dual blink IR emitter. If my needs change, I will look into getting a distribution block with more emitters or an IR blaster.

            Tony: Isn't the SECU16IR for mutiple input zones? Are you using it to connect multiple IR emitters in an output mode? Is it interchangable like this? ...Just wondering.

            By the way, I do plan to use the Ocelot as an X10 controller too (replacing the CM11A). Any reasons why I should or shouldn't do this? I have two serial ports, so that's not an issue.



              Having just gone through what you are attempting perhaps I can help.

              I got my Ocelot to take the place of the CM-11 because I suspected it was giving me false information. The Ocelot proved that it was, so I recomend that you use it for X10 as well as IR.

              I needed more IR outputs than just one (how can you run a theather with one output?) and I also needed to send signals via an IR diode across the room (IR Blaster) that the Ocelot does not support.

              So I built a small box with 10 2mm connectors. 5 of these are connected together so that when I plug in the Ocelot any of the 5 have the ability to output signals. I understand that the Ocelot should only drive one IR transmitter but I now have 5 transmitters connnected to it;

              Satellite Rvcr
              Projector (with 25' of wire)
              CD Player

              and they all seem to function reliably.

              In addition, the other 5 connectors, which are also driven by the Ocelot output, each have a seperate amplifier that I built from a schematic I found on this site. These I use to drive two IR LEDs that control my blinds. (They go up and down via IR)

              I made this unit from Radio Shack parts and it cost me about $30.

              To get started I would make sure you bought dual transmitters that are at least 10' long with 3' of wire from the split. You need room to move them around. When you go beyond that you will need to look into alternative ways to expand the IR capability of the Ocelot.


                Are you better off with a 1-wire type system if all you need is data logging and relay control?


                  Hello. I am trying to accomplish alot of these issues as well. I am leaning toward the idea of an IR Blaster. I found a site where someone installs IR Senders throughout his home, hiding them in mouldings in and on the wall. Is this a viable option?

                  I have several components in several rooms, and would like to be able to control them via x-10.

                  Just got back from the Accountant and found out I have a new "slush fund", so I'm probably picking up the Ocelot within the week.