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decisions, decisions...

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    decisions, decisions...

    When I get home this weekend (assuming that homeseer sent my software and modem), I get to play with homeseer and my new ocelot.

    I had originally planned the following arrangment:

    pyramid->IR distribution block->Home Theater

    I had a brainchild today and that is to...

    install the ocelot by my home theater setup rather than in my computer room.

    ocelot->ir distribution block->home theatre

    I could send up to 16 commands via x10 to the ocelot from homeseer if necessary (taking up 1 house code), and timed events etc. can be programmed directly into the ocelot.

    Then I could use my cm11a for x10 control directly from homeseer.

    what do you think of the idea? what do you use the ocelot/homeseer combo for that wouldn't be possible if I disconnected the two?

    Maybe I'm not exactly following the question, but...

    Why put the Ocelot near the A/V system? If I follow what you describe, then this requires running RS-232 cable from your HS PC to the A/V area. If you are simply wanting to do IR there, then a simple 4-conductor (cat5,etc.) cable could be run from the Ocelot to an IR block at the A/V system.

    This is what I am doing. I tried the Pyramid/Ocelot combo for a bit with poor results. I was using a Pyramid for years with good results, but it didn't work well with the Ocelot. Getting hardwired IR was one of the best decisions I've made.